Wednesday, 20 June 2018 12:59

Mounting a Gemini Rack Enclosure into a 2-Post Rack Featured

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The Gemini Series of power systems solves the industry problem of mounting integrated access control and power into a compact rack mount application.  Using a 2U high rack drawer, the enclosure was designed to mount into an enclosed 4-post rack for stability and security.  However, in some applications the only rack available is an existing 2-post rack.  While LSP recommends 4-post rack mounting whenever possible, there are solutions available for mounting 4-post enclosures into 2-post racks.  Our latest application note AN40 provides details.

2 Post Isolated

Note that it is imperative to verify the weight capacity of the rack, as many 2-post racks are light duty and not rated for the weight of a full access control system.  Also verify the stability of the rack after installation to prevent toppling.

As always, if you have any questions on Gemini or other products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department.

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Friday, 20 April 2018 16:58

ISC West 2018 Closes with Record Crowds Featured

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Rethink power. With power that thinks.

ISC West 2018, April 10-13 in Las Vegas, will go down in memory as one of the busiest shows LifeSafety Power has witnessed. According to Reed Exhibitions/ISC Events, some 30,000-plus security professionals attended the show. For LSP each day was busy, with integrators, security dealers, end users and others crowding the booth and even blocking the aisles to learn how they can offer intelligent power systems.

The tide has changed. In previous years, attendees would visit to get up to speed on what was happening in the product category—the basics. Now, they know how we have changed the category of power, bringing it from unintelligent hardware to networked solution capable of extracting data and analytics that keep systems up and running and healthier overall with real-time notifications on status and other parameters. They visited the booth to find their new value proposition and weren't disappointed. The security industry is now basking in the sunlight of being able to offer another category of managed services: remote monitoring and management of power. Security dealers know how it benefits their business and the value it offers the customer in guaranteed up time.

Our redesigned booth focused on technology partnerships, like the new ProWire™ Unified Power Systems, the next-generation standardized access power system. Each corner of the booth highlighted different configurations of ProWire and leading integrations with Mercury Security, Software House, AMAG Technology, Brivo and others.

ProWire was design-built with the security installer and end-user in mind. It eliminates hours of panel wiring, lock control and communication wiring with a standard installation platform that improves system uniformity, streamlining service and maintenance. ProWire lets security dealers easily achieve equipment installation standards for consistent, professional and repeatable results across multiple locations or campuses—without retraining or high learning curves for technicians.

FlexPower® MSM-Enterprise, now PC-software driven, was also front and center, illustrating how it can manage an unlimited number of power-connected systems and extract critical information for the security technician and end user to use in a proactive manner. MSM-Enterprise provides statistics on health and viability through data extracted during regular daily operation.

Rep Awards

LifeSafety Power also presented its annual Sales Rep Awards. The Rep of the Year Award was presented to Campion Sales. Performance-based awards were presented to: 1Volt Associates; Campion Sales; Warren Associates; and RW Kunz & Associates.

LifeSafety Power has effectively shifted the trajectory of the power supply industry by creating a new category of intelligent power management solutions that yield analytics and data that can substantially add to overall system health, performance and viability. For more information, call LifeSafety Power today at (888)577-2898.

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‘Easy does it’ philosophy brings field efficiency

There are a lot of different nuances to effectively installing and maintaining security and life safety systems. Of course, power is the heartbeat of any intrusion, access control, surveillance or automation solution.

At LifeSafety Power, our innovation focuses on streamlining the installation process—because that’s where the bulk of your costs lie. We want to provide a quality solution and help you save time in the field by making things easier. And, sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. For example, different Mercury resellers use different relays for their lock outputs.  To streamline the wiring process, we recently updated our ProWire Authentic Mercury Security Unified Power Systems from three pin to six pin terminal strips to allow the installer to simply plug into the relay being used without rewiring. ProWire prewires lock and system power connections for simple plug-and-play installation.

As another example, we have engineered easy-to-remove ground wires on the doors of all our enclosures with a pluggable connection so no tools are necessary for installation. Finally, we’ve updated many of the installation manuals in our Learning Center to make your solution seamless, including one on battery wiring, a critical part of reliable battery backup.

Providing the right resources and detailed specification information is an ongoing process that’s core to LifeSafety Power’s philosophy of serving the customer. Our website has many other support facets, such as calculators, Application Notes, PowerProTV how-to videos, self-paced training modules, White Papers, software/firmware downloads, troubleshooting guides and FAQs.

If there’s something you need or require additional information, we are an email or phone call away at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 888-577-2898. Contact us today! 

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Tuesday, 26 December 2017 16:16

LifeSafety Power in the News

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have your heard11Here’s what we’ve been up to!

It’s been quite the year for LifeSafety Power and it isn’t over yet. We’ve been educating industry security installers and end-users about the advantages of managed power. In fact, we’ve also been publicized in a number of highly respected online and print media.

Here are a few recent citings of LifeSafety Power in the news and what we’ve been doing that we don’t want you to miss:

For more information about LifeSafety Power products and solutions, please contact us today at (888) 577-2898 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

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Thursday, 16 November 2017 17:06

How Can We Help You? Featured

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LifeSafety Power Data Integration Graphic Blog November 2017

Technology partnerships assist security integrators with deep visibility into power solutions

At LifeSafety Power, our philosophy is constant innovation—with the systems integration community in mind. We understand the important value proposition of providing proactive services to the end-user customer and have continued to reinvent the category of power from static device to networked component to provide rich data to streamline operations and generate new managed services for the security and access control markets.

LifeSafety Power continues to work directly with global leader Mercury Security to provide new intelligent analytics capabilities in the firmware for its systems integration partners. These Mercury Security resellers can take advantage of direct software management capabilities for monitoring information and alerts generated by LSP’s networked power solutions. This functionality eliminates the need for systems integrators to utilize separate user interfaces for the access control and power systems—while giving the ability to gather specific, real-time data, including power system information and other alerts critical to system continuity and uptime.

This is significant in that it provides a higher level of interaction with data and remote capabilities for Mercury systems integration partners who no longer have to program software to get this seamless interaction between power and access control at the protected premises. It’s already initiated and ready to go.

How can you get these important capabilities?

For those who aren’t partners but are using Authentic Mercury Security you need to communicate to your access control provider that you too want these capabilities--a single interface and not a separate management platform to program and control your power solutions. Once your access control provider initiates this integration you will have the world of power at your fingertips, and can actively manage, through a single interface, system alerts and other specific power parameters specific for your user’s facility.

LifeSafety Power is taking data analytics of power to the software level so you can monitor power for security systems proactively. These latest monitoring technologies developed for our power systems allow systems integrators and technicians to service systems remotely and add valuable managed services. For more information, contact LifeSafety Power today at (888) 577-2898.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 10:40

What’s Up Next for Power? Featured

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LifeSafety Power what you powerASIS 2017 is over, but LSP’s innovation of the product category continues

The landscape of security technology is changing more rapidly than one could ever have imagined. More systems and solutions are integrated in a full-solution approach, with sensors and devices tied to the internet of Things entering the fray with new data and information collected from connected points throughout the protected premises.

Downtime simply isn’t an option. Power provides the piece of the puzzle that optimizes security and access control, yields comprehensive data for proactive services and gives the end user and installer numerous efficiencies from unified, tested and certified platforms.

LifeSafety Power highlighted its FlexPower®Unified Power Systems at ASIS 2017 and technology partnerships with Mercury Security; AMAG Technology; Software House; Paxton Access; Brivo; Feenics; and others. We continue to seek out and collaborate with leading manufacturers in the development of power solution configurations that address the rapidly changing physical security market.

Our new ProWire™ Unified Power Solution was front and center at the show—featuring streamlined access control and allowing users to standardize their installation across the campus or enterprise. ProWire provides the highest level of integration between a power system and access control, in a pre-wired UL/CUL solution that is ready to install and comes in standard or networked configurations for intelligent power monitoring. Integrators and end users appreciated the fact that ProWire precision factory wiring eliminates field wiring variability and allows equipment installation standardization for uniform operation, maintenance and servicing of the security system.

Also demonstrated at the show, LifeSafety Power’s next generation FlexPower® Multi-Site Manager Enterprise now includes the ability to manage an unlimited number of power-connected systems across the enterprise and extract data and critical information for proactive site management. It gives users and installers insights into their power solutions and connected devices – so potential issues can be handled well ahead of a possible loss or outage.

LSP Power Has Critical Integrations with Leading Industry Manufacturers

In addition, we showcased the NetLink®/Software House CCURE 9000 integration with LSP’s intelligent power systems as well as Authentic Mercury Security integration which allows technology partners to integrate power system status and control into their user interfaces for peak power visibility.

Helix Armour™ also got its share of attention at the show. With both AC and DC redundancy, it offers power system resiliency for high-security access control installations where loss of continuity is not an option. LifeSafety Power continues to change the paradigm of power from static hardware to network connected solutions with predictive analysis and deep reporting that’s imperative for the most robust access control and security solutions. For more information, contact LSP today.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017 13:06

LifeSafety Power at ASIS 2017 Featured

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It’s time for LSP to empower you.

Security tradeshow season is in full swing, with the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits scheduled for September 25 through 28 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. LifeSafety Power is excited to show the industry what we’ve been working on with live demos of all the innovation at booth 1341.

We have single-handedly changed the paradigm of power. We have even coined the phrase: “What you power is important; how you power it is critical.” And that mindset is prevalent in the products and partnerships we will highlight during this major security event.

Power and continued uptime and connectivity is critical to the facility manager and executive. Intelligent, pre-engineered solutions also assist the systems integrator with a new value proposition and greater efficiencies in the field. LifeSafety Power has been instrumental in developing advancements that assure reliability in access control system solutions across the enterprise while helping systems integrators standardize their power solutions to save time and labor.

LifeSafety Power has continued to revamp its product line to enter into the world of proactive managed services and intelligent networking power – power is definitely not a dumb piece of hardware any longer. We also have some of the most high-profile technology partnerships in the industry, with Mercury Security, Software House and other leading access control manufacturers. Here’s a preview of what you will see at booth 1341:

  • The next generation FlexPower® Multi-Site Manager now has the ability to manage an unlimited number of power-connected systems across the enterprise and extract comprehensive information and other critical data for proactive site management.
  • New ProWire™ Unified Power Systems for Mercury and Software House include preinstalled wiring harnesses to eliminate hours of panel wiring, lock control and communication wiring, for a standardized installation platform that improves system uniformity and streamlines service and maintenance.LifeSafety Power ProWire September 2017 resized 50 percent
  • NetLink Network Communications Modules with Authentic Mercury Security Integration allow Mercury Security technology partners to integrate power system status and control into their user interfaces, giving integrators and end users unprecedented power visibility.
  • NetLink/Software House C•CURE 9000 integration allows iSTAR controllers to seamlessly monitor, control, and configure LSP's intelligent power systems directly within C•CURE 9000.
  • Helix Armour offers AC and DC redundancy to provide the ultimate in power system resiliency to high-security access control installations where failure is not an option.

 Also, we are asking all our supporters and followers to vote for LifeSafety Power’s ProWire Unified Power System in the ASIS-sponsored People’s Choice Accolade. ASIS will have voting mechanisms set up in the Accolades Showcase and on the 2017 mobile application to allow attendees to vote for their favorite submission—which of course we know will be ProWire! Voting will open on Tuesday, September 26th with the open of the show floor and end on (September 27th) Wednesday evening. We will be sending updates and reminders via Twitter—follow us here.

Looking forward to seeing you at booth 1341 during ASIS 2017!

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Friday, 14 July 2017 13:29

Application Notes and Timely Documentation Featured

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application notes

LifeSafety Power provides the latest information for power specs

One of the most important responsibilities of manufacturers is to provide ongoing support and documentation to assist security dealers and integrators in specifying the latest intelligent power networking. LifeSafety Power has a robust website with a variety of information to keep installers up to date – such as downloads, calculators, web training, white papers and application notes.

We have completed newly updated application notes for all the Unified Power Systems, including: Software House by Tyco; Paxton Access; Brivo; AMAG Technology; HID; Mercury; Kantech; Keyscan; and others. These documents provide in-depth examples of wiring required between the power system and the controller, complete with diagrams for optimal connectivity for single- and dual-voltage systems, as well as potential lock power configurations.

These application notes and other collateral is included in the Support dropdown on the home page of the LifeSafety Power website. Other support materials include:

  • Installation manuals
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Calculators
  • Custom product configurations
  • FAQs

The Learning Center also includes short product training modules on the FlexPower® System and NetLink™ Network Communications Module networking; PowerProTV video training; software and firmware downloads; and exclusive white papers showcasing the return on investment for networked power, managed services and remote monitoring.

Of course, we’re always a quick phone call or email away to answer any questions you might have before you specify power or respond to a Request for Proposal. Here’s how to contact our headquarters, distributors of LifeSafety Power solutions, the sales team and product reps in the U.S. and Canada.

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New Mercury Unified Wired™ system and groundbreaking integrations get rave reviews

LifeSafety Power®, a Gold Sponsor of PSA-TEC 2017 in Westminster, Colo., and a Premier Vendor Partner for PSA Security Network generated significant attendee buzz over new intelligent networking solutions and also received awards from the organization during the annual networking and educational event.

The reason for so much excitement over LSP during exhibit hours? New integrations and greater possibilities for proactive power analysis, remote system management, system reliability and cost savings, thanks to key development partnerships with globally specified Authentic Mercury Security controllers, Software House by Tyco CCURE 9000 and the Unified Wired™ Mercury system.LifeSafety Power PSA TEC 2017 booth thank mercury

The Unified Wired system fully and completely integrates power and access control in a pre-wired solution connecting lock and system power to Mercury terminal strips. This equals time and labor savings in the field and expedites physical security access power specifications. In addition, LSP showcased native software integrations with Mercury Security hardware, bringing predictive analytics seamlessly to the Mercury EP controller family. Another native integration, this one with the Software House CCURE 9000 solution was also highlighted during PSA-TEC. This connectivity allows users to receive and centrally manage alerts for comprehensive monitoring and control of the Software House Power Distribution System. Helix Armour™ a new category of DC and now AC redundant power management systems were also on display – emphasizing operational efficiency and the ability to maximize system uptime.

Awards and accolades

LifeSafety Power was honored to receive a Vendor Star Award for outstanding support of the PSA Security Network community and Customer Service Representative Damien January was a nominee and finalist for the Customer Service Individual Excellence Award, recognized by PSA membership for outstanding customer support.

It’s clear that progressive systems integrators recognize the importance of power as the brain and continuity of every system solution as we continue to redefine the product category from static hardware to mission critical device. Stay tuned for new developments in the coming months and as we head to ASIS 2017, September 25 through 28 in Dallas (Booth 1341).

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:18

Unified Wired Systems for Mercury Featured

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If you visited with us at ISC West in April 2017, then you already know that our latest big news is the addition of the Unified Wired line of intelligent power systems.  Unified wired is the next big step in integration between our intelligent managed power systems and the access control panel.  Currently, Unified Wired systems are available for MCLASS (Mercury), with others to quickly follow.

Unified Wired

What is Unified Wired?

As you probably already know, our current Unified Power solutions combine the power system with dedicated  space and predrilled mounting holes for the access control boards.  This eliminates the need for custom drilling and assembling the system in a third party Hoffman or Hammond-style utility enclosure, hanging multiple enclosures, and the associated costs of each.

Our new Unified Wired line takes this concept a step further by having all of the internal wiring for the access control boards pre-done in our factory.  Wiring to the LSP power equipment is complete right to the boards, while wiring to the access control boards ends with the appropriate terminal strip pre-wired and hanging in the proper location.  To complete an installation, all you need to do is hang the enclosure, mount your access control boards, remove the terminal strips from the access control boards, and plug in the provided harnesses.  After that, all that is left is to bring in your field wiring and terminate it at the proper terminals.

What are the benefits?

Obviously, the largest benefit is the savings in time of completing the internal wiring and, as the saying goes - time is money.  The hours saved in drilling holes, wiring boards, and assembling wire bundles inside an enclosure is savings that can be passed along to your end user and your bottom line.

The other major benefit of Unified Wired Systems is consistency between systems, regardless of the office or technician doing the installation.  Every system leaves our factory the same, following our standard quality control procedures ensuring a predictable, working system every time.  Confidence in knowing what is installed saves time in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

What options are available?

First, the caveat:  because of the nature of this type of product, we aren't able to offer our usual mix-and-match capability for model numbers.  However, we do have a large variety of standard configurations available to cover most any application.  For the currently available Mercury systems, we offer 4, 8, and 16 door systems in single or dual voltage.  The smaller enclosures use tie-wrapped wire bundles, while larger enclosures can use tie-wraps or full Panduit-style wire management.

Additionally, each model is available in one of three configurations:

  • A - EP1502 plus MR52's
  • B - EP2500 plus MR52's
  • C - All MR52's

This allows the installer's choice of controller (System Type A or B), plus the Type C system for expansion of additional doors.  The total number of MR52's is determined by the door count & enclosure size.

When looking at the list of available model numbers, you may notice an "extra" D8P board in all systems.  This additional D8P is prewired for powering the Mercury boards, while leaving the other D8P's to provide one auxiliary output for each door.  Also note that D8P's are used instead of D8's to satisfy the Mercury board requirement of a Class 2 limited power source.

Model Number Format

Model numbering is the same as our current Unified Power systems, with an added suffix at the end to specify the wiring and wire management in the system.  Here is an example model number:

The first part of the number up to the E6M is a standard Unified Power model number.  The suffix breaks down as:

T              Tie Wrap wire management
8              8 Door system
A             "A-type" configuration, which uses one EP1502 and 3 MR52's (See above)

If we order the model with P8-A as the suffix, we get the same system except with Panduit wire management.  As mentioned before, the smaller enclosures do not have a Panduit option due to space limitations within the enclosure.

Unified Wired is available now either direct or through distribution for Mercury-based access control panels.  Follow us on social media and watch this blog for availability of systems for other access panels.  And as always, if you have any questions about Unified Wired or any other technical issue, don't hesitate to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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