LifeSafety Power Wins 2021 New Product of the Year Award for FlexPower® FPO Gen2

Updated product engineering and assured system reliability wins over judges.

PHOENIX, AZ - September 22, 2021 — LifeSafety Power, the industry’s leading provider of connected and intelligent networking power solutions, topped all other entries in the power supply technologies category to net a 2021 New Product of the Year (NPOY) award from Security Today magazine for FlexPower FPO Generation 2 (Gen2). FlexPower Gen2 is the next-generation of the original FlexPower® power supply line from LifeSafety Power—re-engineered and updated with new features and capabilities. FlexPower Gen2 includes the industry-unique OutSmart™ voltage indication technology, visually showing the technician the output voltage of the power supply and each distributed output across all modules.  Optional RS-485 capability on FPO and M8 devices allow up to 24 devices on a single network drop using the new NLX NetLink network communications module.  Added data points such as AC input voltage and main output current measurements on the FPO power supply and output cycle counts on the M8 give a better view of overall system health.  Refinements like built-in low battery disconnect and battery current sensor promote cleaner, simpler installations.

“What a crazy year this has been for everyone,” said Ralph Jensen, editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine in announcing the 2021 winners. “Challenging or not, I have noticed that product development and new security solutions were in no way quarantined. It seems all manufacturers have been busy and have stayed on track to release new products. I anticipate manufacturers will continue on their way to bring new technology to the forefront. I believe we are on the threshold of security engineers bringing to bear more sophisticated solutions. What a great year this will be,” Jensen said.

Other enhancements to FlexPower Gen2 include selectable sealed lead acid (SLA) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery charging, remote main output shutdown on FPO, built-in control relays on NLX and even deeper E4 and E8 enclosures.

FlexPower Generation 2 boards are easily identified by their red color and replace the original green FlexPower boards across all product lines, including standard power, Unified Power, rackmount and other products.

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About LifeSafety Power* The industry’s premier manufacturer of intelligent power management systems for physical security and access control, LifeSafety Power is the chosen standard for many Fortune 500 companies around the world.

LifeSafety Power has created new categories of access control power: intelligent, networked solutions which increase the reliability of the security infrastructure, while prewired components decrease labor and yield more consistent installations across an enterprise. These innovations have led to LifeSafety Power becoming the power solution of choice for leading access control panel OEMs throughout the security industry.

LifeSafety Power has won numerous industry awards for product design and innovation, including the prestigious Security Industry Association New Product Showcase, SSI Most Valuable Product and Security Today’s 2021 New Product of the Year.

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