LifeSafety Power® introduces BiTSTREAM™ High Power, PoE Solutions for Access Control   

New family of PoE products addresses the latest, high-power PoE++ standard with the installer in mind.

PHOENIX, AZ - September 1, 2020 — LifeSafety Power is meeting an increased demand for high power PoE systems with its new BiTSTREAM™ line of PoE based access control power management systems.

BiTSTREAM is a family of IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PoE midspan injectors and PoE powered DC power supply/chargers specifically designed for the access control and security industries. With BiTSTREAM, installers can eliminate the need for a high voltage electrician while simplifying access control installations with features such as integrated fire alarm disconnect, battery charging, and remote monitoring and control.

The BiTSTREAM family brings two new midspan injectors, the BT500-8 and BT500-16 with eight and 16-ports respectively. With a total power output of 500W, each port of the BT500 can supply up to 90 watts of battery backed-up power to PoE devices such as EDGE devices, IP cameras, and BiTSTREAM BX PoE powered DC power supplies.  A built-in fire alarm input allows for BiTSTREAM’s innovative Fire Over Ethernet™ (FoE™) feature. Remote management allows complete configuration, monitoring of voltage, current, power, and status of each output through a standard web browser and email or SNMP alerts notify the user of any problems. 

The BiTSTREAM BX50 and BX75 PoE powered DC power supplies join the FlexPower family as building blocks, easily integrating into any of LSP’s standard or Unified Power systems.  Both provide local battery backup capability using traditional sealed lead acid (SLA), or newer lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

When the BX50 is used in conjunction with the BT500’s Fire Over Ethernet (FoE) feature, a single, centralized fire alarm connection at the midspan injector is able to drop power to locking devices through the existing ethernet cables.  By using the existing cabling, the need to loop a separate fire alarm connection to every protected opening is eliminated, saving measurable cost and simplifying installations.  The BX50 can provide up to 50W total at 12 and 24VDC for powering access panels, locks, and auxiliary devices.

The BX75 is a PoE powered DC power supply which provides 75 watts of total power at 12 and 24VDC and is compatible with any 802.3bt PoE midspan or switch.  The BX75 provides fire alarm disconnect through a traditional local connection at the opening.

LifeSafety Power is a consummate innovator and specialist in physical security and access control, creating a new category of intelligent networking power solutions that monitor and manage system connectivity across the enterprise. Embracing technology collaboration with some of the most recognizable companies in the industry, LifeSafety Power has carved a unique niche and along the way received numerous awards for its innovation, including Security Industry Association New Product of the Year; Security Today New Product of the Year; Secure Campus Award for Networked Power; and many others. LifeSafety Power is an ASSA ABLOY company.

For information on BiTSTREAM products, contact LifeSafety Power today at or (888) 577-2898.

About LifeSafety Power* LifeSafety Power continues to earn industry accolades and respect for product design and innovation, carving out a new category of intelligent power management solutions that provide robust, proactive analytics to access control, security and mission-critical devices. This new standard of performance by LifeSafety Power substantially adds to overall system health, performance and reliability.  LifeSafety Power, headquartered near Chicago, has won numerous industry awards for product design and innovation, including a 2020 Secure Campus Platinum Award from Campus Security & Life Safety for power management. For more information, please visit LifeSafety Power or call (888) 577-2898.