LifeSafety Power Heads to ISC West 2022 with Innovative Products that Assist with Proactive Power Management, New Installer Applications and System Solution Integrity 

Products feature new networking capabilities, PoE connectivity and other technology enhancements designed for systems integrators and their users 

PHOENIX, AZ - February 11, 2022 — LifeSafety Power, the industry’s leading provider of networking power solutions, will bring its intelligent networking products to booth 8081 during ISC West 2022, March 23-25 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas.

LifeSafety Power continues on track as the premier innovator in the power solution and connectivity space, focusing on technologies that yield enhanced data and information to ensure reliability and assured system uptime.

Products to be highlighted at the show include:


The SD16 is the ultimate in managed power solutions, maximizing uptime and ROI for the user and providing an opportunity for additional RMR for the integrator. SD16 provides voltage, current and power measurements for 16 network managed auxiliary outputs. Previously, managed power systems yielded information and control over only the power supply, battery set and the locking devices. Now, the user can obtain real-time power status of the access control panel, readers, REX and other auxiliary devices. Power cycling a device to reset can be accomplished remotely without resetting the entire access control system or taking it offline.

With the SD16, frozen access control panels or DC cameras may be remotely reset - individually - saving the technician time and the end user money. Custom high and low alert triggers may be set for each output, warning the user of not only current problems, but pending issues. Featuring an on-board RS485 connection, the SD16 is ideal for remote monitoring applications using Distributed Power Monitoring (DPM) with LifeSafety Power's NLX NetLink™ Network Communication Module. DPM allows a single network module to monitor multiple access control power enclosures from one network drop. The SD16 not only provides monitoring of the remote panels and devices, but also adds environmental and tamper switch monitoring to remote enclosures.


BiTSTREAM allows an installer to power an access control system exclusively through PoE power, eliminating the need for field wiring and AC drops. BiTSTREAM's unique Fire over Ethernet (FoE) feature allows egress on fire alarms through a single centralized fire alarm connection.

BiTSTREAM is a family of IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PoE midspan injectors and PoE powered DC power supply/chargers specifically designed for the access control and security industries. With BiTSTREAM, installers can eliminate the need for a high voltage electrician while simplifying access control installations with features such as integrated fire alarm disconnect, battery charging and remote monitoring and control.

FPO Generation 2

Redesigned and re-engineered with updated features and capabilities, the FlexPower® FPO Generation 2 (Gen2) power supply line brings additional enhancements to both installers and users in the access control market.

FlexPower Gen2 includes the groundbreaking OutSmart™ visual voltage indication across all boards, visually showing the technician the output voltage of the power supply boards and each distributed output.  Optional RS-485 capability on FPO and M8 devices allow larger managed systems on fewer network drops with the NLX NetLink Network Communications Module.  Added data points such as AC input voltage and main output current measurements on the FPO power supply and output cycle counts on the M8 yield a comprehensive view of overall system health.  Refinements like built-in low battery disconnect and battery current sensor foster cleaner installations.

E12M and E12S Enclosures

One of the most spacious enclosures in the industry, the E12 is available in Unified Power or ProWire® with dimensions of 48 (H) x 36 (W) x 8 (D). The E12 handles larger enterprise access control deployments–accommodating more access control boards, power supplies and managed outputs in a single enclosure for hardware and deployment savings.

The E12 houses up to three FlexPower FPO power supply boards to allow up to 750 Watts of power to locking hardware, access control boards and auxiliary devices.  It comes in two configurations: the E12M integrates with authentic Mercury Systems and handles 24 doors of access control; E12S integrates with Software House (SWH) controllers to handle up to 32 doors.

Native Access Control Integrations

LifeSafety Power’s solutions integrate with several industry-preferred access control security management software platforms, including Genetec Security Center; OnGuard® for Lenel S2; and C•CURE 9000 from SWH.

Security Center for Genetec

Leveraging the Genetec integration between NetLink and Security Center, users can seamlessly add NetLink devices into the software platform, allowing real-time alerts to appear directly within the interface. From Security Center, users receive detailed data on the health and viability of power, connected locks and other devices. NetLink lets users remotely monitor, control, program and report on system power and connected devices and features patented battery management that includes health reporting, remote battery testing, email/SNMP alerts and other proactive notifications. 

OnGuard for LenelS2

The LenelS2 integration allows LifeSafety Power’s NetLink NL4 and NLX Network Communication Modules to interface with OnGuard access control software versions 8.0, in addition to 7.6, for advanced power management of enterprise access control systems. NetLink adds proactive monitoring and management capabilities to LifeSafety Power’s power systems, interfacing directly to the OnGuard platform, with all power system alerts indicated on the OnGuard software. (LifeSafety Power is certified as a LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) member.)


The native integration with SWH C•CURE 9000 and LifeSafety Power’s network monitoring modules allows users to receive and centrally manage alerts and notifications through the software, for monitoring and control of PSX power and distribution modules sold and supported through SWH. Critical networking notifications are driven directly into C•CURE 9000, relaying real-time data and analytics on the health and viability of iSTAR door controller power, lock power and battery condition.

ProWire Unified Power Systems

ProWire Unified Power Systems, the highest level of integration between a power system and an access control solution, are an installer’s blueprint for consistent, streamlined power installations. ProWire makes it simple to create a connected power campus, eliminating installation variability for repeatable and professional results. Network-connected ProWire systems can interface directly into Mercury Security or SWH C•CURE 9000 platforms, allowing users to receive, manage and control alerts and notifications. ProWire is compatible with Multi-Site Manager (MSM) Enterprise™, which yields advanced analytics so end-users can actively network, monitor and manage connected power solutions for greater uptime and dependability. 

Helix AC/DC

Helix AC/DC is the only solution for mission-critical applications in government, finance, medical and high-tech industry vertical markets. Designed for seamless failover protection with automatic backup switchover of AC or DC power, Helix reduces the risk of system downtime or outage and features network management for predictive reporting that optimizes and maintains the highest levels of performance. AC Helix monitors separate AC branch circuits, reporting trouble with a primary branch immediately and instantly transferring power to backup for uninterrupted system operations. DC Helix uses redundant power supplies to instantly transfer power to the backup supply on failure of the primary supply.  Helix is now available in Standard, Unified Power and ProWire configurations to provide the ultimate protection to any access control power system.

Please visit booth 8081 at ISC West 2022 or contact us today at or (888) 577-2898. 

About LifeSafety Power* The industry’s premier manufacturer of intelligent power management systems for physical security and access control, LifeSafety Power is the chosen standard for many Fortune 500 companies around the world.

LifeSafety Power has created new categories of access control power: intelligent, networked solutions which increase the reliability of the security infrastructure, while prewired components decrease labor and yield more consistent installations across an enterprise. These innovations have led to LifeSafety Power becoming the power solution of choice for leading access control panel OEMs throughout the security industry.

LifeSafety Power has won numerous industry awards for product design and innovation, including the prestigious Security Industry Association New Product Showcase, SSI Most Valuable Product and Security Today’s 2021 New Product of the Year.

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