Power over Ethernet Witnessing Double-Digit Growth to 2030: LifeSafety Power’s BiTSTREAM® Helps Integrators Expand PoE Solutions 

PHOENIX, AZ - March 27, 2023 — Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations will reach into the billions in the coming years and there’s good reason for the technology’s popularity: it’s the perfect way to extend power to new devices and locations while enhancing systems integrations.

LifeSafety Power is helping perpetuate this trend with its expanding family of BiTSTREAM IEEE 802.3bt-compliant midspan injectors, switches and PoE-powered DC power supply/chargers. UL294-listed BiTSTREAM meets the high-power PoE++ standard, with the ability to power an access control system exclusively through PoE. BiTSTREAM rackmount midspans and switches also incorporate a patented Single-Point Fire Interface (SFI) that lowers system deployment costs over existing PoE-powered access solutions.

On display at Booth #8081 during ISC West 2023, the latest addition to the BiTSTREAM line is the BTS500 network switch, which can be used to power and pass data to PoE compliant cameras, locks, infrared illuminators and access control edge devices. Coming soon to market, BTS500 features an 8-port unmanaged PoE switch, rack mount configuration and network monitoring for remote management. Network monitoring for the PoE outputs yields data on voltage, current, power measurements, battery and fault status, and allows power cycling remotely for each network port.

Unique SFI egress feature

BiTSTREAM PoE midspans and network switches incorporate a Single-Point Fire Interface (SFI) feature that allows egress on fire alarms through a single centralized fire alarm connection. This patented feature unique to the BITSTREAM product line drops lock power to unlock doors when a fire event is detected and free egress is required for life safety. SFI eliminates the need to pull additional wiring for fire drop connections to each door, saving cost and simplifying installation.

An integrated battery charger provides dedicated backup for all connected PoE devices, reducing load on the system UPS. Configurable ports, certificate selection, complex passwords and other secure settings protect against cyber-attack.

Also in the product family, the BT500 rackmount midspan injector powers and passes data to 8 or 16 PoE-compliant devices. BT and BTS models yield 500 watts total power with up to 90 watts per port and feature a universal AC input for global deployment. The BT500 is fully network managed, allowing monitoring of voltage, current and power per zone, battery monitoring and individual or batch zone shutdown for resetting devices. Both BT and BTS models are compatible with MSM Enterprise™ for total system visibility.

BiTSTREAM also includes the BX series access control product supplies (BX50 and BX75) that convert PoE to 12 and 24VDC power for locks, access control, surveillance or other applications. The BX50 is 50 watts and works with the SFI input on the new midspans to disengage power to locks in the event of a fire alarm. The BX75 provides 75 watts of power and works on any PoE midspan or switch and has a local fire drop connection.

Visit booth 8081 at ISC West 2023 or contact us at info1@lifesafetypower.com or (888) 577-2898. 

About LifeSafety Power* The industry’s premier manufacturer of intelligent power management systems for physical security and access control, LifeSafety Power is the chosen standard for many Fortune 500 companies around the world.

LifeSafety Power has created new categories of access control power: intelligent, networked solutions which increase the reliability of the security infrastructure, while prewired components decrease labor and yield more consistent installations across an enterprise. These innovations have led to LifeSafety Power becoming the power solution of choice for leading access control panel OEMs throughout the security industry.

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