FlexPower iSCAN Network Power Systems

8 - 24 managed and controlled outputs. Single and dual voltage configurations

iSCAN models are remote managed power supply / battery charger systems specifically designed for the access control segment of the lifesafety industry.

iSCAN provides eight to twenty-four activation inputs and eight to twenty-four monitored and controlled relay outputs. The managed inputs are capable of voltage or dry contact activation and the managed outputs are programmable to either of two system voltages (in a dual voltage configuration) , fail-safe, fail-secure, fire alarm over ride, and AC loss over ride for egress lock control.
Each managed output may also be individually activated or deactivated through an embedded browser interface and monitored for voltage and current values via network or internet.
Adjustable trigger points are provided for each output to generate an alert when that output is outside of selected parameters.

Product Features: 

  • Remote managed system
  • Email alert for output condition of
    • over/under current
    • over/under voltage
    • Blown Fuse
    • Short circuit
  • Remote on/off output control
  • Easily obtainable and replaceable automotive style ATM fuses

Agency Listings:


  • UL 294 / UL 603 / UL 1076
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B


  • ULC S318 / ULC S319
  • CSA C22.2 #205

Agency Listings

Product Warranty

  • Diagnostic supervision of lock health for banks, hospital wards, drug cabinets, high security areas, casinos, etc.
  • Live monitoring of remote or dangerous areas
  • Perform remote battery tests on scheduled / manual basis
  • Supervise locks and devices for over stress
  • Room temperature change trigger for remote sites, freezers, server rooms etc.

Remote Management and Control

  • 8 - 24 supervised relay outputs with multi-configurable modes of operation
  • 8 - 24 auxiliary outputs for powering non-critical devices
  • Remote power / battery monitoring and reporting

Product Specifications

  • Single and dual voltage configurations
  • Large enclosures accommodate system expansion
  • Microprocessor dual rate charger
  • Built in Fire Alarm disconnect with latch mode for Canada
  • Fault detection and reporting to host power and over the network

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Product Information & Literature


ModelSingle/Dual System TypeCurrent/VoltagePowerEnclosureData SheetInstall ManualsCAD Files
ISCAN150-8single voltage12A/12V or 6A/24V150WE2PDF CAD
ISCAN75/75-8dual voltage FPO6A/12V & 3A/24V150WE2PDF CAD
ISCAN150B-8dual voltage w/B1004A/12V & 4A/24V150WE2PDF CAD




ModelSingle/Dual System TypeCurrent/VoltagePowerEnclosureData SheetInstall ManualsCAD Files
ISCAN150-16single voltage12A/12V or 6A/24V150WE2PDF CAD
ISCAN150/250-16dual voltage FPO12A/12V & 10A/24V400WE4PDF CAD
ISCAN250B-16dual voltage w/B1004A/12V & 8A/24V250WE4PDF CAD




ModelSingle/Dual System TypeCurrent/VoltagePowerEnclosureData SheetInstall ManualsCAD Files
ISCAN250-24single voltage20A/12V or 10A/24V250WE4PDF CAD
ISCAN250B-24dual voltage with B1004A/12V & 8A/24V250WE4PDF  CAD