Mercury Integration

The capability of native NetLink integration is built-into all LP Series controllers or EP series controllers with firmware revision 1.24.1 or higher (EP Series controllers require the NetLInk to have the "M" version firmware installed).

In order to utilize this integration, your Mercury reseller must add the capability to their interface. Contact your Mercury reseller for more information.

M Version firmware for NetLink when used with EP Series controllers can be downloaded here. Note that LP Series controllers can use the standard NetLink firmware.

Supported Alerts

Alert Supported 
AC Fault Alert  ●
System Fault Alert  ●
Fire Alarm Active  ●
Power Supply Service Due  ●
Insufficient Battery Standby Time  ●
Battery Replacement Due  ●
M8 Output Voltage Out of Range  ●
M8 Output Current Out of Range  ●
Enclosure Temperature Out of Range  ●
External Temperature (IDF Closet) Out of Range  ●
Tamper Switch Alert  ●
Device Detect (Connected or disconnected from NetLink)  ●
Current Sensor Out of Range  ●
Auxiliary Voltage Out of Range  ●

Values Reported

Value Supported
AC Input Voltage  
Power Supply Output Voltage  
Power Supply Total Output Current  
Battery Voltage  
Battery Charge / Discharge Current  
M8 Output (Lock) Voltage  
M8 Output (Lock) Current  
M8 Output (Lock) Cycle Count  
Enclosure Temperature  
External Temperature (IDF Closet)  
Current Sensor Measurement  
Auxiliary Voltage Measuremen


Control Features

Control Item Supported
Start / Schedule Automated Battery Test  ●
Power Cycle M8 Output  ●
Power Cycle Power Supply Main Output  ●
NetLink Control 1 / Control 2 Outputs  ●