OneDrop allows a NetLink module to share a network connection with the access control panel, reducing installation and maintenance costs in network managed power solutions.

OneDrop is currently available for the Mercury LP Series of controllers.

OneDrop Product Guide

As more devices transition to smart network appliances, the number of IP connections is increasing dramatically. Many times, these IP connections are are tied to yearly maintenance fees in the department budget or have been made unavailable to devices outside of a prescribed list, due to cybersecurity concerns, leaving many installations unable to take advantage of managed power for their access control system.

OneDrop Mercury Integration

Traditionally Mercury managed power access control systems have required two separate network drops - one for the access control panel and a second for the managed power communication module.

LifeSafety Power's OneDrop™ technology enables the communication module and the Mercury controller to share the same IP address which eliminates the need for a second network drop. This feature is available on any Mercury LP series controller using firmware revision 1.27.2 or higher.

Browser access to the NetLink is via the Mercury controller's IP drop.


Note that the OneDrop connection passes the NetLink data signal through the Mercury controller's ethernet connection.  If this main Mercury controller fails, the outside connection to the NetLink could be lost, preventing the controller from being remotely reset.

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SDUEthernet to USB OneDrop Adaptor for Mercury LP SeriesPDF
NOTE:  RB2 and RB5 have been discontinued.  RB8 is a direct replacement.