ProWire® XPRESS Prewired Power Systems

ProWire XPRESS is a low-cost prewired integrated access solution. All systems are single voltage, and prewired for power, tamper switch, faults, and RS485.

Product Features: 

  • Low cost prewired solution
  • Saves on installation labor
  • Small size, high density
  • OutSmart visual voltage verification
  • Uniform installations across an enterprise
  • Four and Twelve door configurations


Agency Listings:

  • UL294 / UL603 / UL1076
  • ULC S318 / S319
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B
  • CSA C22.2 #205

Agency Listings

Product Warranty

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Product Information & Literature


TypeModelCurrent/VoltageOutputsEnclosureWiring*Data SheetManualsCAD Files
4 DoorsFPV4-E2M/T4X4A/12V or 3A/24VSingle OutputE2MLP1502 & MR52PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD
12 Doors, 12VFPV102-D8PE2M1/T12X10A/12V8 AuxE2M1LP1502 & MR52(x5) PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD
12 Doors, 24VFPV104-D8PE2M1/T12X10A/24V8 AuxE4M1LP1502 & MR52(x5) PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD

*Mercury XPRESS Systems are wired for one LP1502 with MR52 controllers. Extra terminals are included for rewiring LP1502 to MR52.



Type Model** Current/Voltage Outputs Enclosure Data Sheet Manuals CAD Files
4 Doors FPV4-R8E1 4A/12V or 3A/24V 8 Lock E1 PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD
12 Doors, 12V FPV102-2R8E2 10A/12V 16 Lock E2 PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD
12 Doors, 24V FPV104-2R8E2 10A/24V 16 Lock E2 PDF MCLASS Enclosures CAD

**Lock power systems do not have mounting for Mercury controllers.