Building a FlexPower Model Number

Building or decoding a model number for a FlexPower system can be intimidating at first, but once you understand the components of the model number, you will be building customized model numbers in no time. 

Building an FPO Model Number

To start this discussion, we will use the following example model number:


FlexPower model numbers are broken into two sections.  Every FlexPower model number starts with the main power source(s) - in the above example, this would be the "FPO75/150".  This denotes a dual voltage system using an FPO75 and an FPO150 for the power sources.  In a single voltage system using an FPO150, this would be simply "FPO150" without the slash.  Up to three FPO power supplies may be configured into one model number (FPO75/150/150).  FPO power supplies are always represented in the model number in order from smallest to largest.

After the hyphen are any accessory boards and the enclosure size.  In the example model number above, there are a total of four accessory boards.  A C8 board, two D8P boards, and an NL2 board.  Accessory boards are always listed in alphanumeric order (i.e. B100 before C4, C4 before C8, C8 before M8, etc.).  Quantities are added to the accessory board only when the quantity is greater than 1.  So the single NL2 is shown simply as "NL2" while the two D8P boards are shown as "2D8P".

The enclosure size comes at the end of the model number and is shown as E___.  In the example above, the E4M1 M-Class enclosure is being used.

Building an FPA Model Number


This model number breaks down to an FPA150A AC power source, two A8 fused distribution boards, and an E1 enclosure.  Multiple FPA300A power sources can be combined in the model number to become FPA600A or FPA900A.

Building an FPX Model Number


The FPX system combines AC and DC power in a single enclosure.  The AC power source(s) are always listed first in an FPX model number, followed by the FPO power source(s).  AC Power sources in the model number are appended with an "A", so a "150A" is an FPA150A and a "150" is an FPO150.  This example includes the FPA300A AC source, an FPO75, and an FPO150.  It has a single A8 AC distribution board, a C8 lock control board, and two D8 auxiliary output boards.  This is all housed in an E4 enclosure.

Those are the basics of building FPO, FPA, or FPX model numbers.  A visual guide to building model numbers is also available HERE.  And remember - if this is all still a little too much to take in, our technical support department is always here to help you build any model number you may need.