Get on the FlexConnect® ‘Buss’

Making your life easier with smarter solutions that equal easier specification is what LifeSafety Power is all about. Everything we do is created with a keen eye to the integration community – and how our intelligent, networked power solutions can make your job easier and more profitable.

Take, for example, the FlexConnect® dual buss structure, designed with an innovative distribution architecture that increases the versatility and ease of use of our flagship FlexPower® systems.  Traditionally, connecting a power supply to distribution modules requires individual wires to be connected between the boards using screw terminals. These distribution modules are also typically limited to a single voltage input.

Fewer boards, greater efficiencies

The FlexConnect dual buss structure allows the user to select each individual output for 12 or 24V in dual voltage supplies.  Most competitor’s products require you to select 12 or 24V for the whole output board - so if you needed two 12V outputs and two 24V outputs, you’d need an 8 output board set for 12 and an 8 output board set for 24.  With the dual buss structure, you can set outputs 1 and 2 for 12 and outputs 3 and 4 for 24. That makes for a simpler installation and a smaller footprint with fewer accessory boards.

LifeSafety Power continues to provide solutions that are smarter and super-flexible in their configuration. FlexConnect also allows connection of any LSP accessory board via quick disconnect terminals and plug-in wire harnesses, allowing virtually unlimited combinations of LSP accessory boards to be used together and expanded on the job site. All LifeSafety Power FlexPower power supply systems use the FlexConnect dual buss structure.