3 Ways LSP Turns Industry Challenges into Integrator Opportunities

When we started our journey, LifeSafety Power already had a greater vision for power. We have worked diligently to change the category from lowly can or enclosure—a static piece of hardware—to an integrated, network-intelligent device that provides greater labor efficiency, cost savings, a higher return-on-investment (ROI) for the user and a tangible new category of managed services for the systems integrator.

1. We provide the data and information users want

LifeSafety Power’s products are designed in line with an industry that is experiencing a metamorphosis from analog systems to everything IP connected. And we have led the way with our power products, which now provide precision data to customers; proactive information they can use for predictive management of access control systems and devices.

We started with a single, pre-fabricated panel, FlexPower® Unified Power, offering electrical and mechanical integration of power, locks and access panels in one streamlined enclosure. Now this might not seem like a big deal to some, but for installers and end users it represents labor and field wiring time savings. In fact, 40% installation savings and 60% wall savings can be achieved with FlexPower Unified Power systems.

2. Our products address skilled labor shortages

Labor is expensive and all too often security integrators are having a hard time filling their ranks with a qualified workforce. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, attracting and retaining a quality workforce was a top-cited business challenge facing manufacturers in 2018. The Security Industry Association, in its 2019 Megatrends Survey, also identified workforce development as a top industry trend for the coming year.

We understand the challenges and have addressed them with ongoing product evolution. Security dealers and integrators can save time in the field if all internal wiring is pre-done, freeing technician’s time for more important issues or projects. Prewiring of access control integrations also promotes system uniformity. That’s where our latest solution, ProWire Unified Power Solutions comes in. ProWire is engineered to turn an integrator’s challenges in the area of skilled labor into an attainable opportunity.

These units allow installers to standardize solutions across campuses, saving training time and installation costs. ProWire also assists in troubleshooting systems, as field wiring is readily accessible in these enclosures, streamlining service and maintenance—another huge cost center for installing companies and their customers.

3. We have your back with new managed power services

LifeSafety Power is innovative and progressive, focused on helping security integrators and end-users succeed with a new breed of intelligent products leveraged on the network for real-time insights. If you haven’t seen our latest video, check it out and listen to Lisa Marie Kelly, Business Development Manager, talk about what this means and the impact to the industry. She discusses the LifeSafety Power transformation and the fact that today, with NetLink™ Network Communication Modules and the award-winning Multi-Site Manager-Enterprise™ (MSM-Enterprise) we can gather specific information to predict and forecast component trouble, like a lock or battery failure. It also provides active battery management, with the ability to remotely reboot field devices and manage batteries. Now, not only do integrators have the benefit of cost savings during their projects, but they gain access to historical data, system operational trends and the ability to leverage remote managed power services for new recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

With the new standard of power performance created by LifeSafety Power’s intelligent solutions, security companies can achieve a 77% increase in installation and troubleshooting efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and networking capabilities for remote monitoring and management of power never before available.

Solving industry challenges such as untrained workers, inconsistences in project equipment orders and scheduling, cost tracking and reducing overruns are serious matters for system integration companies. With LifeSafety Power’s FlexPower Unified Power, ProWire, NetLink and MSM-Enterprise security integrators have profitability and opportunity clearly in focus for the future.