New Age Power Solutions

Technology today is a whirlwind of activity. Connected devices are ever in the news, providing new services and capabilities no one dreamed of five years ago.

Power solutions are no exception to the ongoing move to smart, networked, intelligent devices. They can deliver better service efficiencies for systems integrators, who can now take advantage of remote service and monitoring and deliver consistent uptime and 24/7 reliability to customers. Even better, systems integrators can save labor and the cost of on-site visits with these super-smart components.

What you select in a power device is critical, however. Look for solutions with enhanced features, such as those LifeSafety Power provides, to avoid having to purchase necessary features separately. LifeSafety Power products also help to reduce SKUs and inventory by providing all the needed features in the base product. When you do select the right devices, you can take advantage of the new age of power – with a total supply system that can provide single and dual voltage, power distribution, lock and output control, remote test capability, remote diagnostics and remote reporting capabilities.

Even better, through these total solutions, integrators have the ability to generate new billable services, increase profitability and boost recurring monthly revenue.

The end is nowhere in sight. Power solutions will continue to improve and our research and development teams are hard at work with new features and enhancements in this product category. In fact, the efficiency, feature sets and available diagnostics will continue to improve over the next generation of products. Devices will continue to integrate—with the ability of hardware and software to communicate more wholly through protocols such as Physical Logical Access Interoperability (PLAI) profile and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Increased services, interoperability, network intelligence: power solutions are a critical part of the operability of any security and life safety system and the sky’s the limit as far as further innovation.