New Netlink Features Added

The first NetLink firmware released in 2017.  Version 8.04 is currently available for updating existing NL2 or NL4 boards.  This release contains the usual refinements along with some valuable new features and layout improvements. 

Who can upgrade?

Any NL2 or NL4 currently at version 7.15 or higher can upgrade directly to 8.04.  If your NL2 or NL4 has a version of firmware prior to 7.15 currently installed, you must first install 7.15 before upgrading to 8.04.  The Firmware Downloads page of our website has both 7.15 and 8.04 available for download.  Follow the included instructions for the update procedure.

Note that this update is NOT for the discontinued NL1 board - The final firmware release for the NL1 is 5.21, which is also available for download. 

Layout Improvements

The layout of the FPO status pages has been changed for more logical grouping of data and settings with power supply measurements and statistics now at the top of the page, battery information and battery testing in the middle section, and settings at the bottom.  Several other smaller layout adjustments have also been made throughout the GUI.

New Features

Several new features have been added to the Netlink with this release - these new features are immediately available to any NL2 or NL4 after upgrade, with no change in hardware required. 

Client ID

 Client ID field has been added in addition to the existing Site ID field for better identifying the system.  The Client ID can be set on the configure page adjacent to the Site ID setting and appears on all screens of the GUI. 

Export Fault Data Only

On the home page in the Network Module Dashboard, there is now a checkbox labeled "Fault Data Only".  By checking this box, when history data is viewed or exported from the NetLink, ONLY the fault data will be shown and all data points showing normal operation will be hidden.  This makes it easier to analyze problems by eliminating less relevant data points. 

Inadequate Battery Standby Alert

Each FPO page in the NetLink GUI now has a field where you can enter the desired battery standby time.  The NetLink will then compare the battery test results with this value and send an alert if the measured standby time does not meet this minimum requirement. 

Password Lockout Delay

Previously, if an incorrect password was entered three consecutive times, the NetLink would lock out the user for 24 hours.  This Password Lockout delay is now able to be changed to several values between 5 minutes and 24 hours. 

Import and Export Configuration Files

With Version 8.04, the NetLink now has the ability to export and import configuration files to allow backup of a system configuration, creation of a "standard configuration" for integrators to apply to all systems, or to speed configuration of multiple systems.  The main export function will save all pertinent NetLink, FPO, and M8 settings to the configuration file. 

M8 Programming Page

Several improvements have been made to the M8 programming page:

Output Description Added

The Output Descriptions have been added to the programming page, allowing the user to see the programmed name for each output while configuring.

Import/Export Settings

The M8 programming info may be imported and exported separately from the NetLink configuration.  A checkbox to include the Output Descriptions in the export is included.

Automatic Limit Setting

The upper and lower limits for voltage and current for each M8 output is now able to be set automatically with the push of a button.  When the button is pressed, the M8 will activate each output, measure the nominal voltage and current values, then set the upper and lower limits based on the percentages you enter. 

Reset Button Functionality

The functionality of the physical hardware reset button on the NetLink has also been changed.  Previously, holding the button for 5 seconds would reset the User Name, Password, and IP settings.  Now with 8.04, holding the reset button for 10 seconds will reset only the User Name and Password, leaving the IP information intact.  To also reset the IP information, hold the reset button for 20 seconds.

We hope you find these upgrades to the NetLink devices useful and welcome your feedback.  If you have any questions on new or existing features, or need any other assistance, our Technical Support department is here to help.