Powering the Digital Transformation

How innovation from LSP assists the connected community

The digital transformation will continue to have a phenomenal effect on the physical security industry, bringing       new possibilities for intelligent data in a connected environment and fostering deep insights that keep powered     devices running consistently and reliably.

According to IBM, the digital transformation is “the process of evolving the business to embrace digital.”    Salesforce.com goes further and defines the digital transformation as “the process of using digital technologies   to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing   business and market requirements.”

 No matter how you define it, it’s set to change technology in a big way.

 LifeSafety Power has focused on evolving its business with power solutions that mirror and complement the digital transformation since our early beginnings. We brought remote system monitoring to power solutions nearly 10 years ago, starting with the award-winning NetLink Network Communications Module. From there we added advanced battery management capabilities with active testing, ushering in new, higher level of guaranteed reliability for installed power solutions. Then, we began our foray into the realm of managed power systems with early predictive monitoring, morphing into complete enterprise power management with the Multi-Site Manager Enterprise—a web-browser based application that manages, controls and analyzes hundreds of LSP networked power systems across multiple locations through one user interface.

For the physical security industry, the digital transformation provides an opportunity to leverage new services to the customer and a competitive advantage. It yields important data from the connected protected premises, Smart Cities and Security Operation Centers (SOC). It’s a contracting edge that adds value to your company and its services, substantially increasing job profitability.

Managed power services are integral to this sea-change and LifeSafety Power has been preparing and innovating for years with this transformative environment in its sights.

Even before digital transformation was a buzzword we were moving in this direction. Innovation and a focus on the systems integrator has been our passion and philosophy from the beginning. Now proudly part of ASSA ABLOY, we will maintain our focus on providing solutions designed for the systems integrator and their end-user customer.

We continue to forge into new areas of power – with an emphasis on system designs that speed installations and promote efficiency and resiliency across the enterprise.