Remote Monitoring Services Add New Revenue Streams

Power supplies have evolved dramatically, and LifeSafety Power is proud to say we are leading this evolution. It’s not about static product anymore, but about intelligent, networked devices and especially, total systems solutions bolstered by the ability to provide remote monitoring over connected devices and the Internet. It’s a winning situation for the systems integrators who take the time to learn why it’s important to select those devices that allow them to keep their customer’s systems healthy and with robust system uptime – by being able to keep track of devices on the network – day in and day out, averting potential adverse and even dangerous situations. (Pictured is a screenshot for LifeSafety Power's GUI for PowerCom, and a real time assessment of battery status indicated.)

Time is money

In addition, the integrator benefits with greater efficiencies, and the ability to often troubleshoot a system remotely without a truck roll, or ascertain the needed supplies, tools or other devices before heading to the job site.

Remote management solves many of the problems integrators have with earning additional revenue – while making them indispensable to the customer. But not all monitoring solutions are created equal. The greatest value is only available from those solutions with the ability to monitor and test batteries and those which provide real-time status and system alerts on individual output conditions.And that’s why LifeSafety Power is an integral partner in your profitability.

You can make money and add recurring monthly revenue – with remote monitoring services and capabilities available by specifiying the patented, award-winning technologies of LifeSafety Power.