Securing Educational Campuses

School lockdowns are easy to deploy with FlexPower®

It’s a stark fact of life: K-12 schools and educational campuses are increasingly the focus of violent acts of crime. According to an active shooter study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 160 incidents occurred between 2000 and 2013, with some 1043 casualties, including those killed and wounded.

Physical security trends and specifications now have a heightened focus on the fortification of the perimeter and interiors of educational facilities in an effort to provide proactive measures to lessen these incidents and avoid casualties. One of the successful means of preventing an active shooter from moving from classroom to classroom or other areas of a school has been emergency lockdowns that automatically secure areas electronically with a push of a button or other initiation. With the school year already begun in some areas or set to start soon, now is the perfect time for systems integrators to offer lockdown capabilities to users.

Versatile lockdown specification

The FlexPower® product line offers the flexibility to easily activate automatic lockdown. The Fire Alarm Input (FAI) is used to activate the lockdown condition with the reset switch latching the lockdown until manually reset. And although this activation can occur through a normally closed (NC) contact, any valid FAI activation may be used to initiate a lockdown.

There are lots of easy-to-use nuances which indicate the versatility of FlexPower in our online Application Note AN-33. Suffice to say, systems integrators have many different and easy to apply options to provide this critical feature to their educational, healthcare and other enterprise customers.

LifeSafety Power® continues to lead in the manufacture of Smarter Power Solutions and remote monitoring capabilities – designed with systems integrators and their customers in mind.