LSP Solutions Reduce Installation Complexity for Higher Profitability

The physical security industry is experiencing phenomenal growth, bolstered by global security concerns and visibility created through deep-pocket mass marketing by large utilities and other entities. Customers understand the value proposition and convenience associated with networked security and the advantages it brings to their facilities. Smart systems that gather data on connected solutions bring new intelligence and information about the protected premises to the end user. Technological change and innovation will continue at even greater speeds—and that means the industry needs to keep up in many different ways to be successful and turn a profit.

What’s the sense of having all that new business pouring in if you don’t have the technicians to complete projects in a timely manner? Are the products you are installing cumbersome and difficult to deploy quickly and successfully? Are they missing key certifications and safeguards the customer is looking for? All these factors can lead to dwindling profit margins and disappointment if you don’t have the right manufacturing partner who has your best interests and these trends in mind.

LSP solves integrator’s pain points

In addition to a lack of skilled labor and qualified technicians there are other costly challenges the security industry needs to overcome, including unanticipated work changes; lack of team communication; inability to finish work on time; project material and equipment ordering disconnect; adapting projects to changes; and keeping costs on target.

The shortage of technicians is so real that it has become a focus of industry trade shows and other educational conferences. It makes completing projects on time and within budget difficult, costing the installing company more money in the end if they have to fix completed jobs or bring in technicians from other jobs with proper competencies. These and other factors ultimately lead to lower margins for installation companies—and the inability to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Systems integrators and security contractors want to be heroes in the eyes of the customer. They want to be profitable on every job, have technicians who can quickly install systems professionally and run a tight ship that can breeze through job specs. LifeSafety Power manufactures products with these end goals in mind. We help reduce project costs and minimize the complexity of an access control installation, while still providing “made in the USA” quality.

LSP helps integrators and end users standardize their installations for consistency in the process. We drop-ship to locations, provide the latest, most current certifications and embed cybersecurity safeguards in networking solutions.

LSP is the inventor and originator of networking power solutions that allow systems integrators to earn recurring monthly revenue from managed power services through remote monitoring and maintenance, giving the end user proactive data that enhances system uptime and reliability and lowers the overall total cost of ownership.

We have three levels of products to assist the security community:

  • Level 1—Unified Power (versus traditional)
  • Level 2—Unified ProWire™
  • Level 3—Unified ProWire Managed Power

LSP’s flagship FlexPower® Unified Power solutions bring installation and project efficiencies in their design--eliminating separate enclosures for system power, lock power and access control panels. One streamlined enclosure for all three means one AC drop, 50 percent less wall space needed and up to a 40 percent savings in installation time and labor. Unified Power solutions feature leading technology partners, including AMAG Technology: Brivo; DMP; Honeywell; Mercury Security; Paxton Access; Software House; and HID VertX.

ProWire Unified Power is another LSP breakthrough product—a prewired, UL/ULC certified power solution that is ready to install, simplifying access control installations while security companies standardize their installations across the campus or enterprise. Standardization eases the learning curve for new technicians and allows installers to quickly move to the next project without time-consuming retraining. When you want consistent, professional and repeatable results across multiple campuses and locations—turn to ProWire, which eliminates hours of internal panel wiring for controller power, lock control and communication wiring.

ProWire takes projects to the next level with the ability to add proactive managed services, benefitting both the integrator and the end-user customer. It’s compatible with Multi-Site Manager (MSM) Enterprise™, which yields advanced analytics and critical data so end-users can actively network, monitor and remotely manage connected power solutions for system wide reliability. Network-connected ProWire systems also can interface directly into the Mercury Security or Software House C●CURE 9000 platforms, allowing users to seamlessly receive, manage, monitor and control alerts and notifications of connected power solutions.

 When you eliminate the complexity of external factors and control more variables of your security solution you can control your profitability. LifeSafety Power has the integrated power solutions and networking intelligence to get you there, alleviating industry concerns over lack of skilled labor, exorbitant field costs and installation inefficiency.