Want a Stronger Value Proposition?

Specify intelligent, networked power solutions

We understand your goal is to be your customer’s best service provider and deliver targeted safety and security integrations that yield tangible results. And at LifeSafety Power®, Mundelein, Ill., we have similar aspirations, focusing on providing the type of technologies that will assist our integrator customers and fulfill their security challenges across all vertical markets served. One of the most critical categories for successful systems integration deployments is power – because no solution can start, or survive, without it.

We’ve forged a new category in power centered on intelligent networking capabilities. Because in addition to providing uptime 365 days a year, systems integrator’s specifications need to bring additional value through remote monitoring and managed security services that ultimately result in predictable recurring monthly revenue and a satisfied customer.

LifeSafety Power is proud of the fact that our solutions are professionally designed and manufactured in the U.S.  Our award-winning solutions have garnered numerous industry accolades, proving that innovation, quality products and the needs of the systems integration community always come first at LifeSafety Power.

We believe in your voice as our primary customer and consult with integrators in the field regularly to gather the information we need to produce life safety and security solutions that are so much more than simple power systems.

In our increasingly IT centric world, the best value proposition is one that lets your technicians manage, control and service – remotely -- power solutions across the business or enterprise seamlessly and securely. Another critical part of this value proposition and your profitability is the ability to reduce the number of costly truck rolls to a customer site.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Your end-user customers demand constant connectivity and uptime and this trend will intensify with the growing number of installed sensors and data expected to emanate from the internet of Things (loT). Customers require business process improvement and can’t afford down time, which could result in a devastating loss. The intrinsic value in the intelligent networking proposition from LifeSafety Power also yields a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to the user, and the ability to proactively manage and assess power viability 24/7. It’s a better way to conduct business and another way to differentiate projects and services in the competitive marketplace. Read what leading systems integrators are accomplishing with LifeSafety Power solutions here in our free white paper on remote monitoring as a managed service.

Here are four key features you can offer customers with LifeSafety Power solutions:

1. Remote battery management and testing,

2. Remote device monitoring and restart/power cycle functionality,

3. Proactive detection and assessment of problems, and

4. System solution health and connectivity reports generated on demand or any at any desired schedule or interval.

We also have a fully Underwriters Laboratories listed (U.S. and Canada) system, with industry-leading Authentic Mercury Security controllers, as well as the award-winning iSCAN™ Rack Mount Series that solves small footprint concerns and installs seamlessly in data center environments or IT closets.

Technology is changing rapidly, much faster than Moore’s Law original mandate. Intelligent power and networking solutions can help you keep up with all the new challenges and maintain a satisfied customer – for life.