Power The heartbeat of any integrated security and life safety system. LifeSafety Power® Inc., Phoenix, AZ., is a perpetual innovator in the power and networking category. We understand how the market is changing and the role that proactive alerts, health statuses and other managed power solutions lend in providing critical uptime to access control, video and other solutions riding on the network. Now, managed power provides a gateway to greater connectivity. This white paper: “The Compelling ROI of managed power solutions,” provides detailed costing and potential pricing so specifiers, integrators and end users can realize greater profitability and return on investment with their integrated solutions implementations.  Our first white paper: “Why Specify Managed Power Solutions,” is an essential primer, providing an in-depth look at the critical need to include managed power in every integrated security specification. For more information, visit


The Return on Investment (ROI) is perhaps one of the most overused and misused terms in our language. In financial terms, ROI is the financial benefit of an investment and is commonly measured in time to pay back the investment or as an annual rate of return, similar to an interest rate. Unfortunately, ROI can be difficult to quantify because equating it to a dollar amount can be difficult. Managed power is an area where the benefits are both attainable and extensive, though quantifying these benefits in financial terms can be challenging. This white paper presents a framework for accomplishing attainable ROI from managed power solutions.

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