It’s a familiar story: hardware profit margins continue to erode and security integrators struggle to add value and profitable revenue streams to the business. The stark reality of the integration business today is that hardware margins once typically 40 percent or so are now reported as eight to twelve percent. The only way to compensate is to pick up the slack in follow-up services, which can be an oxy-moron while trying to cut expenses for techs and truck rolls.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Now, there are new ways to add recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and become a more efficient company through proactive service and customer care plans. The new game in town? Adding remote monitoring, testing and diagnostic capabilities to your security and life safety power systems to generate cost savings and boost RMR, while making your services more valuable to the customer.

Power Solutions as a Managed Service

The power supply is a critical part of the interoperability of any security or life safety system and now remote monitoring of power solutions can be your new managed service. Remote monitoring as a managed service ensures the entire installed solution receives the power needed to operate correctly. Integrators also have, through these total solutions, the ability to generate new billable services through remote reporting, while remote test and diagnostic functionality further saves technician time and labor. A connected solution promotes ongoing uptime—and now you can help provide better reliability to the end-user customer and boost your company’s value proposition through intelligent, network-connected remote power solutions. In the field, systems integrators and end users are taking advantage of remote monitoring of power solutions: 

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