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iSCAN Monitors

Total System Health   Faults, output draw, battery state, temperatures
Output Condition   Current draw, voltage level and output status (SmartZone)
Battery Activity   Charging current, discharge level, time to service
Power History    AC outages, time stamped faults, enclosure tampering

iSCAN Notifies

• If AC is lost or restored
• When a Fire Alarm Input is activated
• If cameras or locks are drawing beyond their rated current
• When batteries are at low critical level

iSCAN Controls

• Drop egress locks on Fire Alarm or loss of AC
• Use for lock control, camera reboot or other reset functions
• Scheduled or manual battery checks

iSCAN Saves

When on-ste service functions can be done through the web
• AC loss or trouble faults investigated
• Misbehaving locks or cameras power cycled
• Live monitoring of remote or dangerous areas
• Batteries tested remotely


iSCAN overview pdf