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LifeSafety Power, Inc. Introduces FlexPower – A Groundbreaking Power Management System For the Lifesafety Industry

Windham, New Hampshire, USA –Jan 2010, The LifeSafety Power, Inc. FlexPowerTM product line provides a significant number of features and innovations over and above current market technology, at a price level that is highly competitive with existing industry companies.

FlexPower provides the dealer/integrator with the opportunity to offer their end customer new system capabilities not previously available in power management systems. Features that traditionally have been considered upgrades or add-ons to base product are offered as standard within the FlexPower product line, allowing the integrator/installer a new platform of features and performance not seen before in one product.

Designed from the ground up for reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and agency requirements, these power system products take advantage of modern power technology, microprocessor control, and automated production techniques to achieve an extremely aggressive price structure.

The FlexPower family presently consists of seven base power supplies and six accessory modules which may be grouped in any combination and supplied in either of two enclosures. Typical Configurations offered as standard product for sale include general purpose power supplies from 25 to 250 watts; single, dual, or multi voltage; four, eight, or sixteen door access control power systems; NAC fire signaling systems; CCTV camera power systems; and hybrid power systems which mix both AC and DC disciplines.

Unique to the industry, the FlexPower system utilizes a DataLink Cable and PowerCom Software to program and monitor key power supply functions from a computer. PowerCom allows the jobsite technician to program optimal battery charge current, fault reporting delays, and retrieve key power supply operating parameters in the event of a fault condition. Battery service life to date and the total number of fault conditions to date are also stored for retrieval. Connection to a computer via a USB port is necessary with network connection to be available in second quarter of 2010.

Previous products offered in the lifesafety market were designed typically for one specific segment and with only enough features to minimally perform in that specific segment. The FlexPower product line is universally useful across the entire lifesafety industry; the same unit(s) can be utilized in access control, fire, security, CCTV, and mass notification.

This ability eliminates the necessity of the installer dealing with several different products that essentially perform the same job and reduces the necessary inventory for the integrator/installer as well as the distributor. “Plug and Play” or “Mix and Match” accessory modules make feature addition or expansion, such as increasing power levels, adding power distribution or control, secondary or multiple voltages, simple and direct in the field, or at the distributor, without restrictive agency issues.


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