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All members of the FlexPower family are RoHs compliant, lead-free and meet the new state and federal requirements for energy efficiency.

Output power capability of the power supply remains constant regardless of the output voltage setting. For example, a FlexPower 250 watt supply will provide 10 amps at 24VDC and 20 amps at 12VDC, allowing the same number of locking devices to be used at either the 12 or 24V setting.

The microprocessor controlled charging process used by FlexPower guarantees the proper charging current for the battery and the fastest charge time. The constant current charger provides a linear, predictable charge time for any battery set from 4 to 80 amphours without stress or damage to the battery.

One single switch for configuring the output between 12 and 24VDC eliminates field errors and allows for the reduction and simplification of service inventory by eliminating the necessity of stocking units in each voltage.

LifeSafety Power's proprietary software interface for communication with FlexPower equipment through a LAN/WAN connection. PowerCom is used for power supply monitoring, programming, and reporting. NetLink communication modules added to any FlexPower system report through the PowerCom browser GUI, the health and status of the power system, battery set and connected devices.

FlexPower's "Swiss army knife tool kit" for better power management through intelligent battery charging and remote battery state monitoring.
FPO power supply improves battery health with microprocessor control dual rate charging, precision battery current and voltage regulation, deep discharge rescue, and time to service notification.
The NetLink communication modules enable remote battery state monitoring, testing and health reporting vie email or SNMP.


Smart Power Management Communication interface
monitor, Program, control, and report key power supply functions by computer or local/wide area network using a browser interface or LifeSafety Power's PowerCom remote management software. Power supply network connection requires the optional NL1 network module. Power supply computer connection requires the option DL1 USB cable.

On command output control through the NetLink module for on / off power cycling two independent outputs to save time and cost of a sevice call.

FaultFault ê
Auto-generated alerts and reports for proactive system monitoring sent out through FlexPower's NetLink network communication module. NetLink generates automated reports for detected system or AC faults, fire alarm interface activation, battery aging or on a time base for scheduled confirmation of proper operation.
A time and date stamped log of the past 100 events is kept as buffer history and is accessed as a scheduled report or when an event triggers an alert and sends out an email.

The FlexPower series provides a prewired interconnection system between the power supply and accessory boards of the power system that introduces the concept of a dual voltage bus structure throughout all system modules and eliminates intermodule wiring by the field installer.
Field upgrading or expansion is as simple as using common mounting footprints, predrilled mounting holes, snap-in standoffs, and pluggable wires to add additional system capability or capacity when needed, all without restrictive agency listing issues.

All power supplies within the FlexPower system are fully fault protected and feature fiber glass PC boards, not paper-based, to protect the electronics from water, dust, and other corrosive elements found in industrial settings. High efficiency power supply design promotes low heat generation leading to a longer service life.

All LifeSafety Power wall mount and rack mount products are listed for use in access, fire, security, cctv and mass notification across North America.