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NetLink® Advanced Power Monitoring

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NetLink adds powerful remote monitoring and control capabilities to LSP power systems through an intuitive web browser interface.

• Increases power system ROI
Maximizes system uptime
Remote servicing saves on maintenance costs
Remote scheduled battery testing
Proactively sends system alerts through email or SNMP

White Paper - ROI of Managed Power
White Paper - Why Specify Managed Power
Cyber-security Guidelines

Complete visibility of field devices such as locks
Predictive failure alerts through cycle count and current monitoring
NLX Distributed Power Monitoring reduces network drops
Share single network drop with Mercury LP controllers
Strong Cybersecurity Protection

OneDrop Single IP
NetLink Integrations
Multi-Site Manager

  • Managed Power

  • Managed Unified

  • Managed ProWire

  • Firmware Update

Single Voltage
Model NumberCurrentDoor Count
FPO150-D8M8NL4E212V/4A and 24V/4A8 DoorsE2
FPO150-2D82M8NL4E212V/12A and 24V/10A16 DoorsE2
FPO250-3D83M8NL4E412V/12A and 24V/10A24 DoorsE4
Dual Voltage
Model NumberCurrentDoor Count
FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E212V/4A and 24V/4A8 DoorsE2
FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E412V/12A and 24V/10A16 DoorsE4
FPO150/250-3D83M8NLXE412V/12A and 24V/10A24 DoorsE4
Model NumberDescription
NL4-Boxed4 SPI Port, 4 Local Devices (up to 2 PS, up to 3 M8)
NLX-Boxed8 SPI Port, RS485, 24 Total Devices - 8 Local, 16 Remote (12 PS Max)
M8-Boxed8 Relay Managed Outputs - Fused - Requires NL4 or NLX
M8P-Boxed8 Relay Managed Outputs - Class 2 PL - Requires NL4 or NLX
SDU-BoxedEthernet to USB OneDrop adaptor for Mercury LP Controllers
MSM EnterpriseCentral monitoring and Analytics for multiple NetLInk Applications

DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4FPO75-B100M8NL4E4A12V/2A and 24V/2AE4A
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4A12V/4A and 24V/4AE4A
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8A12V/12A and 24V/10AE8A
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4-6FPO150-B100D8PM8NL4E4B12V/4A and 24V/4AE4B
8-16FPO150/250-2D8P2M8NL4E8B112V/12A and 24V/10AE8B1
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4-4DM212V/4A and 24V/4AE4-4DM2
Honeywell ProWatch
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4FPO75-B100M8PNL4E4H12V/2A and 24V/2AE4H
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4H12V/4A and 24V/4AE4H
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8H12V/12A and 24V/10AE8H
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4-2KZ112V/4A and 24V/4AE4-2KZ1
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8-4KZ112V/12A and 24V/10AE8-4KZ1
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4FPO75-B100M8PNL4E4M12V/2A and 24V/2AE4M
8FPO150-B100D8PM8NL4E4M 12V/4A and 24V/4AE4M
8FPO150-B100D8PM8NL4E6M12V/4A and 24V/4AE6M
16FPO150/250-2D8P2M8NL4E4M112V/12A and 24V/10AE4M1
16FPO150/250-2D8P2M8NL4E6M112V/12A and 24V/10AE6M1
16FPO150/250-2D8P2M8NL4E8M112V/12A and 24V/10AE8M1
16FPO150/250-2D8P2M8NL4E8M2 12V/12A and 24V/10AE8M2
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4FPO75-B100M8NL4E4P12V/2A and 24V/2AE4P
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E6P12V/4A and 24V/4AE6P
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8P12V/12A and 24V/10AE8P
Software House
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4-16FPO75-B100M8NL4E4S12V/2A and 24V/2AE4S
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4S12V/4A and 24V/4AE4S
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8S12V/12A and 24V/10AE8S
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4-4SL112V/4A and 24V/2AE4-4SL1
DoorsModel Number Current Enclosure
4FPO75-B100M8NL4E4V12V/2A and 24V/2AE4V
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4V112V/4A and 24V/4AE4V1
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8V12V/12A and 24V/10AE8V

**See datasheet for wiring option details.

DoorsModel Number Other Wiring Options**
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E6A/T8-AT8-C | P8-A,-CE6A
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E6A1/T16-AT16-C | P16-A,-CE6A1
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8A/T16-AT16-C | P16-A,-CE8A
DoorsModel Number Other Wiring Options** Enclosure
16FPO150-B1002D8PM8NL4E6M/T8-AT8-B,-C | P8-A,-B,-CE6M
16FPO150/250-3D8P2M8NL4E4M1/T16-AT16-B,-C | P16-A,-B,-CE4M1
16FPO150/250-3D8P2M8NL4E6M1/T16-AT16-B,-C | P16-A,-B,-CE6M1
16FPO150/250-3D8P2M8NL4E8M1/T16-AT16-B,-C | P16-A,-B,-CE8M1
16FPO150/250-3D8P2M8NL4E8M2/T16-AT16-B,-C | P16-A,-B,-CE8M2
DoorsModel Number Other Wiring Options** Enclosure
8FPO150-B1002D8M8NL4E6V/T8-AT8-B | P8-A,-BE6V
16FPO150/250-3D82M8NL4E4V1/T16-AT16-B | P16-A,-BE4V1
16FPO150/250-3D82M8NL4E6V1/T16-AT16-B | P16-A,-BE6V1
16FPO150/250-3D82M8NL4E8V/T16-AT16-B | P16-A,-BE8V

NetLink Firmware Updates

Visit the Software/Firmware Downloads page for bridge updates and more information.

NL2 / NL4 Updates

Download NetLink NL2/NL4 Firmware v9.56
Release Notes
NetLink Manual

NLX Updates

Download NetLink NLX Firmware v0.46
Release Notes
NetLink Manual