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Software House

Pre-Wired PSX Power Systems

Software House Prewired systems are sold exclusively through Software House.  Precision factory wired for system power, lock control, power system faults, and tamper switch. Software House Pre-Wired PSX solutions are ready-to-install, simplifying and standardizing access installations across the enterprise.

Pre-Wired Features

• Guarantees uniform installations across an enterprise
• Pre-installed wire harness for panel power, lock control, faults and tamper switch
• Point to point wiring; labeled, color coded, twisted pair, shielded communication
• Tie wrap or Panduit cable management
• Managed systems monitor power, batteries and eight outputs

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16 Door iSTAR | 12A/12V and 10A/24VDC | Panduit
ControllerModelTypePowerOutputsEnclosureWiring Guide
UltraPSX-WPISU16E8SStandard120VAC16 AuxE8SPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WPISU16E8SNManaged120VAC16 AuxE8SPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WPSE16E8SStandard230VAC16 Aux, 16 LockE8SPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WPSE16E8SNManaged230VAC16 Aux, 16 ManagedE8SPSX Ultra SE


16 Door iSTAR | 12A/12V and 10A/24VDC | Tie Wrap
ControllerModelTypeInputOutputsEnclosureWiring Guide
UltraPSX-WISU16-E8S   Standard120VAC16 AuxE8SPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WISU16-E8SNManaged120VAC16 AuxE8SPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WSE16-E8SStandard120VAC16 Aux, 16 LockE8SPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WSE16-E8SNManaged120VAC16 Aux, 16 ManagedE8SPSX Ultra SE
UltraPSX-WISU16-E8SEStandard230VAC16 Aux, 16 LockE8SPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WISU16-E8SNEManaged230VAC16 AuxE8SPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WSE16-E8SEStandard230VAC16 Aux, 16 LockE8SPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WSE16-E8SNEManaged230VAC16 Aux, 16 ManagedE8SPSX Ultra SE

8 Door iSTAR | 6A/12V and 6A/24VDC | Tie Wrap
ControllerModelTypeInputOutputsEnclosureWiring Guide
UltraPSX-WISU08-E4SStandard120VAC8 AuxE4SPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WISU08-E4SNManaged120VAC8 AuxE4SPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WSE08-E4SStandard120VAC8 Aux, 8 LockE4SPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WSE08-E4SNManaged120VAC8 Aux, 8 ManagedE4SPSX Ultra SE
UltraPSX-WISU08-E4SEStandard230VAC8 AuxE4SPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WISU08-E4SNEManaged230VAC8 AuxE4SPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WSE08-E4SEStandard230VAC8 Aux, 8 LockE4SPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WSE08-E4SNEManaged230VAC8 Aux, 8 ManagedE4SPSX Ultra SE

Rack Mount 8 Door iSTAR | 4A/12V and 4A/24VDC | Tie Wrap
ControllerModelTypeInputOutputsEnclosureWiring Guide
UltraPSX-WISU8-RGSStandard120VAC8 Aux, 8 LockRGSPSX Ultra
UltraPSX-WISU8N-RGSManaged120VAC8 Aux, 8 ManagedRGSPSX Ultra
Ultra SEPSX-WSE8-RGSStandard120VAC8 Aux, 8 LockRGSPSX Ultra SE
Ultra SEPSX-WSE8N-RGSManaged120VAC8 Aux, 8 ManagedRGSPSX Ultra SE