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RD Series
simple distribution

8 or 16 continuous or FAI controlled outputs in
single or dual voltage 12 or 24VDC configurations. UL/CUL/CE Listed

RD-N Series versions add network capability

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Model No.PowerCurrentOutputs
RD7575W6A/12V or 3A/24V2 
RD150150W12A/12V or 6A/24V2 
RD250250W20A/12V or 10A/24V2 
RD75-875W6A/12V or 3A/24V28
RD150-8150W12A/12V or 6A/24V28
RD150-16150W12A/12V or 6A/24V216
RD250-16250W20A/12V or 10A/24V216
RD150B-8150W4A/12V and 4A/24V28
RD150B-16150W4A/12V and 4A/24V216
RD250B-16250W4A/12V and 8A/24V216
RD75/150-8225WPS1 6A/12V,3A/24V
PS2 12A/12V,6A/24V
RD150/150-8300WPS1 12A/12V,6A/24V
PS2 12A/12V,6A/24V
RD150/150-16300WPS1 12A/12V,6A/24V
PS2 12A/12V,6A/24V
RD150/250-16400WPS1 12A/12V,6A/24V
PS2 20A/12V,10A/24V
RD250/250-16500WPS1 20A/12V,10A/24V
PS2 20A/12V,10A/24V

FlexPower RD Series power supplies provide continuous or FAI controlled outputs in single or dual voltage 12 or 24VDC configurations ranging from 75 to 500 Watts total output power. Available in 8 or 16 zone versions, each output is fused at 3A and is protected against surges. Factory set for 120VAC input, they can be user configured for a 230VAC input. RD-N Series versions add network capability.

Designed to fit neatly into standard 19" equipment racks, the streamlined cabinetry and exceptional features combine to significantly reduce installation and service costs.

Features include removable terminal strips for field wiring, input and output surge suppression, automotive blade fuses for improved reliability, a front removable chassis face plate for serviceability, and a 16 gauge steel 2U rack mount or wall mount chassis.

Product highlights

  • Agency listed for Access Control and Security
  • SurgeShield - enhanced input and output surge suppression
  • Multiple outputs for system and lock power
  • Microprocessor dual rate charging restores battery sets from 4 to 80Ah
  • Fire Alarm Interace (FAI) with optional latch mode for Canada
  • Comprehensive fault detection and reporting
  • Continuous or switched DC selectable per output by positional jumper
  • Removable jumper for individual output disconnect
  • Enhanced input and output surge suppression
  • Separate System and AC fault form-C relays
  • User enabled earth ground and battery presence jumpers
  • Removable front face plate for serviceability
  • Automotive blade fuses for improved reliability
  • Removable 3 wire grounded AC line cord
  • Network communication interface option

Reliability and Safety

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Lifetime warranty

Agency Listings

  • UL 294 / UL 603 / UL1076
  • ULC S318, 319
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B
  • CSA C22.2 205
  • CE
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Product Warranty

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