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The B100 is a DC to DC converter used to generate a secondary or multiple voltages, such as 5V, 9V, 15V, etc., from the voltage output of an FPO power supply. The advantage is that the B100 is slaved to the output of the FPO and is thus backed up by the standby battery set associated with the FPO. These secondary voltages are typically used to power equipment not usually found in the security industry such as modems, network switches, routers, when battery standby is required.

The B100 is jumper selectable for either a fixed 12V output or an adjustable voltage from 5 to 18V. The input voltage must be a minimum of 3V above the intended output of the B100 for proper operation under all conditions. With a 24V system, and a battery end voltage of 20.4V at battery discharge, 18V is the maximum voltage to which the B100 should be set.

See Application Note AN07 for more information.