Q. What is FAI? Print

A.  FAI stands for Fire Alarm Interface.  A Fire Alarm Interface allows for the control of selected outputs when an input, usually from a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), is received.  The selected outputs can be enabled or disabled upon of the receipt of the FAI signal to control power to devices such as locks, door holders, and smoke dampers.

The most common application for FAI is for removing power from maglocks when a fire alarm occurs to allow for faster egress.  An FAI input is not limited to being connected to an FACP – devices such as a keypad can be connected to an FAI input for controlling a single door’s lock in small systems or it may be used for other simple control applications.

FAI input types vary by manufacturer.  All LifeSafety Power FAI inputs allow for the use of a failsafe or fail-secure dry contact, voltage input, polarity reversal, or open collector for activation.  All of LifeSafety Power’s FAI inputs also feature an optional latching feature often required for Canadian installations.