Software House Integration

NetLink integration with Software House C-CURE9000 provides full power system monitoring and control capabilities to C-CURE.  Power system alerts, parameter measurements, and system control features are all available directly from the C-CURE interface, streamlining system maintenance and maximizing system uptime.

Integration to C-CURE is via a driver download. Before installing, a license must be obtained from Software House.

Literature Downloads

Description Latest Revision Software File Manuals Release Notes
C-CURE 2.9 Integration Download RN
C-CURE 2.8 Integration Download RN
C-CURE 2.7 Integration Download RN


Requirements & Information

Item Information
C-CURE Version Supported 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0
Software House License Required Yes
NetLink Boards Supported NL2, NL4, NLX
NetLink Minimum Firmware Version 9.18 or above
Integration Type Native
Integration Level Full Integration


Supported Alerts

Alert Supported 
AC Fault Alert  ●
System Fault Alert  ●
Fire Alarm Active  ●
Power Supply Service Due  ●
Insufficient Battery Standby Time  ●
Battery Replacement Due  ●
M8 Output Voltage Out of Range  ●
M8 Output Current Out of Range  ●
Enclosure Temperature Out of Range  ●
External Temperature (IDF Closet) Out of Range  ●
Tamper Switch Alert  ●
Device Detect (Connected or disconnected from NetLink)  ●
Current Sensor Out of Range  ●
Auxiliary Voltage Out of Range  ●

Values Reported

Value Supported
AC Input Voltage  ●
Power Supply Output Voltage  ●
Power Supply Total Output Current  ●
Battery Voltage  ●
Battery Charge / Discharge Current  ●
M8 Output (Lock) Voltage  ●
M8 Output (Lock) Current  ●
M8 Output (Lock) Cycle Count  ●
Enclosure Temperature  ●
External Temperature (IDF Closet)  ●
Current Sensor Measurement  ●
Auxiliary Voltage Measurement  ●


Control Features

Control Item Supported
Start / Schedule Automated Battery Test  ●
Power Cycle M8 Output  ●
Power Cycle Power Supply Main Output  ●
NetLink Control 1 / Control 2 Outputs  ●