Managed Services with Power Solutions?

Systems integrators are keen on managed services and providing remote connectivity and serviceability to their customers. It’s a great value-add to the traditional security contracting business and offers a strong return on investment to the end user customer and new recurring monthly revenue streams to the integrator.

With the increased interest and activity in the Internet of Things (loT), gateways to control sensors and device management – it’s only natural for power solutions to be part of this remote connectivity and proactive service functionality. LifeSafety Power is the industry leader and innovator in providing these capabilities.

In the field, systems integrators are latching onto the concept of remote monitoring as a managed service. Several of the managed services integrators can provide with remote monitoring include: remote battery testing; power recycle; information on trouble alerts; remote diagnostics; report generation at will or on schedule; and system health logs.

Leading systems integrators are talking about everything they are doing with remote monitoring of power solutions. We have the latest word from the field in our exclusive white paper, now available online. Not only do we have some strong use-case scenarios from these top security systems contractors, but we also explain in detail how remote monitoring works and how it benefits the customer.

You too can make remote monitoring part of your service and maintenance and customer care plans. Get started today and add value to all your specifications. You’ll increase your business proposition and set yourself apart from the competition.