True-to-Life Examples, Real Numbers 

New white paper cites savings from intelligent remote power management

How many times have you scratched your head trying to quantify the return on investment (ROI) for an integrated system solution? Now, LifeSafety Power has a new white paper that provide real numbers and specific examples on how to determine your ROI for intelligent networking power management.

β€œThe Compelling ROI of Managed Power Solutions,” provides detailed costing and potential pricing so specifiers, integrators and end users can finally understand and plan for their profitability and ROI with integrated solutions implementations.

With managed, intelligent power networking, systems integrators can obtain new tangible and predictable recurring revenue streams. Through remote servicing and managed monitoring, integrators can now monitor power across the protected premises and enterprise – and assess any trouble circumstances or exceptions in power, such as AC loss or overheated circuitry and other event reporting – and deliver this data in highly usable historical reports to the customer.  

The white paper includes many other potential managed power services and monitored output points that are now possible with intelligent networking solutions. Other potential managed power services include: remote battery testing, power cycling, system reboots and more.

Charts, Graphs and Real-Life Examples

One of the most unique parts of this white paper is provided in detailed graphics which document the potential costs of traditional access control systems versus monitored systems as well as the possible upsell for RMR services. Calculating the ROI for a managed power system is also documented in the white paper with charts that cite common factors to consider, as well as real-world examples of pricing, costs and savings from managed power.

Download this free whitepaper today so you can get started realizing greater profitability and a new, tangible revenue stream, as well as help customers across many vertical markets obtain greater value from their integrated systems solutions and better uptime.