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Software House Integration

NetLink integration with Software House C●CURE9000 provides full power system monitoring and control capabilities to C●CURE.  Power system alerts, parameter measurements, and system control features are all available directly from the C●CURE interface, streamlining system maintenance and maximizing system uptime.

Integration to C●CURE is via a driver download. Before installing, a license must be obtained from Software House.

Compatibility Matrix

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DescriptionLatest RevisionSoftware FileUser ManualRelease Notes
C●CURE 2.9 Integration8.9.6.29DownloadIMRN
C●CURE 2.8 Integration8.9.6.28DownloadIMRN
C●CURE 2.7 Integration8.8.9.27DownloadIMRN

Requirements & Information
C●CURE Version Supported2.7, 2.8, 2.9
Software House License RequiredYes
NetLink Boards SupportedNL2, NL4, NLX
NetLink Minimum Firmware Version9.18 or above
Integration TypeNative
Integration LevelFull Integration

Supported Alerts
AC Fault Alert ●
System Fault Alert ●
Fire Alarm Active ●
Power Supply Service Due ●
Insufficient Battery Standby Time ●
Battery Replacement Due ●
M8 Output Voltage Out of Range ●
M8 Output Current Out of Range ●
Enclosure Temperature Out of Range ●
External Temperature (IDF Closet) Out of Range ●
Tamper Switch Alert ●
Device Detect (Connected or disconnected from NetLink) ●
Current Sensor Out of Range ●
Auxiliary Voltage Out of Range ●

Values Reported
AC Input Voltage ●
Power Supply Output Voltage ●
Power Supply Total Output Current ●
Battery Voltage ●
Battery Charge / Discharge Current ●
M8 Output (Lock) Voltage ●
M8 Output (Lock) Current ●
M8 Output (Lock) Cycle Count ●
Enclosure Temperature ●
External Temperature (IDF Closet) ●
Current Sensor Measurement ●
Auxiliary Voltage Measurement ●

Control Features
Control ItemSupported
Start / Schedule Automated Battery Test ●
Power Cycle M8 Output ●
Power Cycle Power Supply Main Output ●
NetLink Control 1 / Control 2 Outputs ●