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Mercury Integrated Rackmount Systems
UL, CUL, CE listed Systems
Single, Dual Voltage Configurations
with Patented LSP Network Management
Also Available In ProWire


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Model No.NetworkVoltagePowerInternal Distribution
RGM75-D8PZ Single 6A/12, 3A/242  
RGM75-C4PZ Single 6A/12, 3A/242  
RGM75-M8PNZYesSingle6A/12, 3A/242  
RGM75B-D8PZ Dual2A/12 and 2A/2428  
RGM75B-C4PZ Dual2A/12 and 2A/242  
RGM75B-C8D8PZ Dual2A/12 and 2A/2428 
RGM75B-M8PNZ YesDual2A/12 and 2A/24   
RGM150-D8PZ Single12A/12, 6A/2428  
RGM150-C8PZ Single12A/12, 6A/24  8 
RGM150-M8PNZYesSingle12A/12, 6A/242  8
RGM150B-D8PZ Dual4A/12 and 4A/24 28  
RGM150B-C8PZ Dual4A/12 and 4A/242 8 
RGM150B-M8PNZYesDual4A/12 and 4A/242  8
RGM-XExpansion Drawer - up to four Mercury boards

GEMINI RGM Series is the industry's only integrated Mercury rackmount system designed to provide both operating power and a mechanical housing for Mercury Security access control components. The RGM75 / RGM150 deliver 75 or 150 Watts with mounting for two Mercury and multiple LifeSafety Power components in an access control system capable of controlling four doors as a standalone rackmount system or multiple doors when interconnected. LSP power and distribution modules are pre-wired into the RGM enclosure. Mercury controller are installed by the integrator based on job requirements.

Available options include 75 or 150 Watts in single or dual voltage operation with power distribution and control, individual output protection by either fuses or class 2 power limiting, buffered lock control, and remote reporting and test. Each LSP output is protected against electrical surges caused by lightning or transients on the external wiring (SurgeShield™) and each LSP control output is individually selectable for available DC voltages, and either failsafe or failsecure operation with fire alarm interface. Optional network reporting capabilities include: operational fault status; power supply output; battery charging voltage; battery charging current; and fire alarm input status. In addition to automated and scheduled status reports, diagnostic servicing and battery load tests can be performed remotely, saving or reducing the cost of on-site servicing.

Product highlights

  • Integrated Mercury Security rackmount system
  • Unique UL, CUL, CE LSP/Mercury joint access power listing
  • 120 or 230V AC user selectable input supports data center electrical systems
  • Single or dual voltage options cover all access functions
  • Power distribution options allow either direct or buffered lock control
  • Individual output selection for failsafe, failsecure, lock voltage and fire alarm interface
  • Network models enable power reporting, battery test and output control functions
  • Easy door expansion with multiple RGM models
  • 2U drawer on extendable slides simplifies controller installation
  • Integrated wire management tie slots and articulating arm
  • High capacity battery charge capability
  • Automotive fuses for ease of service and replaceability
  • 2U rackmount battery housing available. PN: RBE

Reliability and Safety

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Lifetime warranty

Agency Listings

  • UL 294 / UL 603 / UL 1076
  • ULC S318, S319
  • CE
  • FCC Part 15, subpart B

Product Warranty

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