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AMAG ProWire®

Pre-Wired Power Systems

Precision factory wired for system power, lock control, communication, power system faults, and tamper switch. AMAG ProWire solutions are ready-to-install, simplifying and standardizing access installations across the enterprise.

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Eight Door WiredEnclosureOutputsWire Mgmt
System & Lock Power | 4A/12V and 4A/24V | 150 Watts
StandardFPO150-B100C8D8E4A /24H x 20W x 6.5D8 aux / 8 lockT
NetworkedFPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4A /24H x 20W x 6.5D8 aux / 8 managedT
StandardFPO150-B100C8D8E6A /30H x 23W x 6.5D8 aux / 8 lockT / P
NetworkedFPO150-B100D8M8NL4E6A /30H x 23W x 6.5D8 aux / 8 managedT / P
Sixteen Door Wired
System & Lock Power | 12A/12V and 10A/24V | 400 Watts
StandardFPO150/250-2C82D8E6A1 /30H x 23W x 6.5D16 aux / 16 lockT / P
NetworkedFPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E6A1 /

30H x 23W x 6.5D

16 aux / 16 managedT / P
StandardFPO150/250-2C82D8E8A /36H x 30W x 6.5D16 aux / 16 lockT / P
NetworkedFPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8A /36H x 30W x 6.5D16 aux / 16 managedT / P
Rack Mount 8 Door Wired
System & Lock Power | 4A/12V and 4A/24V | 150 Watts
StandardRGA150B-F8Z /R2U 19" Rack Drawer8 egressT
System Power | 12A/12V or 6A/24V | 150 Watts
StandardRGA150-D8Z /R2U 19" Rack Drawer8 auxT
NetworkedRGA150-D8NZ /R2U 19" Rack Drawer8 auxT
Wire Management: T = Tie Wrap P = Panduit style wire duct
See data sheet for AMAG wiring combinations

Standardized wiring eliminates the complexity, variability and time involved with field assembly and enables security installation companies to maintain a consistent quality standard across all access installations.

ProWire model numbers are pre-wired to Authentic AMAG terminal connectors for: System power, l ock power, RS-485 communication, Fault connections and tamper switch

AMAG wiring combinations: A: 8DBC/8DC, C: M4000

ProWire systems are UL/CUL listed, 100% factory tested and dressed with tie wrap or Panduit style wire duct cable management.


  • Eight and sixteen door configurations, dual voltage
  • Standard and networked options
  • Twisted pair color coded cable harnesses
  • Tie wrap cable management with wire duct option on larger enclosures
  • Final assembly carries a joint LSP/AMAG UL294, ULC S319 agency listing
  • 120VAC or 230VAC options available (see datashet for 230VAC ordering)


LSP ProWire systems achieve the highest level of integration for access power by delivering

a pre-configured, pre-wired UL certified system.


  • Removable back plate simplifies job installation
  • LSP power modules pre-wired
  • Access controller terminal connections pre-wired
  • Access panels mount on supplied threaded standoffs

Mechanical refinements

  • Large enclosure depths to accommodate batteries
  • 19 Gauge steel with textured black finish
  • Board mounting hardware provided
  • Lock and tamper switch standard

Reliability and Safety

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • RoHS Compliant

Agency Listings

  • UL 294, UL603, UL1076
  • ULC S318, ULC S319
  • CSA C22.2 #205
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B
  • CE

Product Warranty

AMAG ProWire Systems
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