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HID ProWire®

Pre-Wired Power System

Precision factory wired for system power, lock control, RS-485 communication, power system faults, and tamper switch. HID VERTX ProWire solutions are ready-to-install, simplifying and standardizing access installations across the enterprise.

ProWire Features

• Guarantees uniform installations across an enterprise
• Pre-installed wire harness for panel power, lock control, faults and tamper switch
• Point to point wiring; labeled, color coded, twisted pair, shielded communication
• Tie wrap or Panduit cable management
• Managed systems monitor power, batteries and M8 outputs

Wiring Guide


 hid prowire nomenclature

E8V P16 VRTX white
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4 Door Wired
TypeModelWiring OptionsPowerOutputsEnclosure
DV StandardFPO75-B100C4D8E2V/T4-AT4-A, -B2A/12V and 2A/24V4 Lock, 8 AuxE2V
DV ManagedFPO75-B100M8PNL4E2V/T4-AT4-A, -B2A/12V and 2A/24V8 ManagedE2V
DV StandardFPO75-B100C4D8E4V/T4-AT4-A, -B2A/12V and 2A/24V4 Lock, 8 AuxE4V
DV ManagedFPO75-B100M8PNL4E4V/T4-AT4-A, -B2A/12V and 2A/24V8 ManagedE4V
SV StandardFPO75-C4D8E2V/T4-AT4-A, -B6A/12V or 3A/24V4 Lock, 8 AuxE2V
SV ManagedFPO75-M8PNL4E2V/T4-AT4-A, -B6A/12V or 3A/24V8 ManagedE2V
SV StandardFPO75-C4D8E4V/T4-AT4-A, -B6A/12V or 3A/24V4 Lock, 8 AuxE4V
SV ManagedFPO75-M8PNL4E4V/T4-AT4-A, -B6A/12V or 3A/24V8 ManagedE4V

8 Door Wired
TypeModelWiring OptionsPowerOutputsEnclosure
DV StandardFPO150-B100C82D8E4V1/T8-AT8-A, -B4A/12V and 4A/24V8 Lock, 16 AuxE4V1
DV ManagedFPO150-B1002D8M8NL4E4V1/T8-AT8-A, -B4A/12V and 4A/24V8 Managed, 16 AuxE4V1
DV StandardFPO150-B100C82D8E6V/T8-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B4A/12V and 4A/24V8 Lock, 16 AuxE6V
DV ManagedFPO150-B1002D8M8NL4E6V/T8-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B4A/12V and 4A/24V8 Managed, 16 AuxE6V
SV StandardFPO150-C82D8E4V/T8-AT8-A, -B12A/12V or 6A/24V8 Lock, 16 AuxE4V1
SV ManagedFPO150-2D8M8NL4E4V/T8-AT8-A, -B12A/12V or 6A/24V8 Managed, 16 AuxE4V1
SV StandardFPO150-C82D8E6V/T8-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V or 6A/24V8 Lock, 16 AuxE6V
SV ManagedFPO150-2D8M8NL4E6V/T8-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V or 6A/24V8 Managed, 16 AuxE6V

16 Door Wired
TypeModelWiring OptionsPowerOutputsEnclosure
DV StandardFPO150/250-2C83D8E6V1/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V and 10A/24V16 Lock, 24 AuxE6V1
DV ManagedFPO150/250-3D82M8NL4E6V1/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V and 10A/24V16 Managed, 24 AuxE6V1
DV StandardFPO150/250-2C83D8E8V/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V and 10A/24V16 Lock, 24 AuxE8V
DV ManagedFPO150/250-3D82M8NL4E8V/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B12A/12V and 10A/24V16 Managed, 24 AuxE8V
SV StandardFPO250-2C83D8E4V1/T16-AT8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Lock, 24 AuxE4V1
SV ManagedFPO250-3D82M8NL4E4V1/T16-AT8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Managed, 24 AuxE4V1
SV StandardFPO250-2C83D8E6V1/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Lock, 24 AuxE6V1
SV ManagedFPO250-3D82M8NL4E6V1/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Managed, 24 AuxE6V1
SV StandardFPO250-2C83D8E8V/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Lock, 24 AuxE8V
SV ManagedFPO250-3D82M8NL4E8V/T16-AT8-A, -B, P8-A, -B20A/12V or 10A/24V16 Managed, 24 AuxE8V

Agency Listings

• UL294 / UL603 / UL1076 / ULC S319
• CSA C22.2 #107.1
• FCC Part 15, Subpart B
• IEC 62368-1:2014, EN55032:2015, EN61000-3-2:2014
• EN6100-3-3:2013, EN55024:2010 +A1:2015
• CE, UKCA, BIS IS13252(Part1):2010, NOM 001:2018, RCM, SAA
• CSFM Approved, ROHS 3 Lead Free
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