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Access Power Systems

All-in-one single or dual voltage power solutions for 4, 8 or 16 doors.
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Standard KISI Power
DoorsSingle VoltageCurrent/VoltageEnclosureOutputsController Guide
4FPV4-E1-KZ13A/24V14Hx12Wx4.5D2 (continuous & switched)One (1) KISI backplate installed
4FPV4-D8E1-KZ13A/24V14Hx12Wx4.5D8 auxiliaryOne (1) KISI backplate installed
4FPV4-C4E1-KZ13A/24V14Hx12Wx4.5D4 lockOne (1) KISI backplate installed
DoorsDual Voltage
4FPO75-B100C8E2-KZ12A/12V and 2A/24V20Hx16Wx4.5D8 lock and 8 auxOne (1) KISI backplate installed
8FPO150-B100C8D8E4-2KZ14A/12V and 4A/24V24Hx20Wx6.5D8 lock and 8 auxTwo (2) KISI backplates installed
16FPO150/250-2C82D8E8-4KZ112A/12V and 10A/24V36Hx30Wx6.5D16 lock and 16 auxFour (4) KISI backplates installed
Managed KISI Power
DoorsDual Voltage
8FPO150-B100D8M8NL4E4-2KZ14A/12V and 4A/24V24Hx20Wx6.5D8 managed & 8 auxTwo (2) KISI backplates installed
16FPO150/250-2D82M8NL4E8-4KZ112A/12V and 10A/24V36Hx30Wx6.5D16 managed & 16 auxFour (4) KISI backplates installed
Rackmounted KISI Power
4RGM75B KZ1 Series2A/12V and 2A/24V2U Rack Drawer4 lock and 8 auxOne (1) KISI backplate installed
8RGM150B 2KZ1 Series4A/12V and 4A/24V2U Rack Drawer8 lock and 8 auxTwo (2) KISI backplates installed

Integrated Access & Power

  • LSP unified power systems puts power and the KISI door controller(s) in one secure locking enclosure
  • One AC drop minimizes wall space, simplifies installation, reduces time & labor costs
  • FlexPower modularity and versatility creates unlimited system configurations
  • Network options for diagnostic monitoring and control of power, battery and connected devices

Labor Saving Enclosure Design

  • Factory pre-wired power section saves configuration time
  • Deep enclosures accomodate battery sets
  • Multiple knockout areas along all four sides

System Refinements

  • Fault detection and reporting to host power and over the network with optional NetLink module
  • Large enclosures with room for increased power, added output distribution or remote monitoring
  • Modular power and distribution boards with snap-in standoffs simplify service and field upgrades
  • Cam lock set, tamper switch and backplate hardware to mount the access control panels is included


LSP all-in-one solutions offers maximum flexibility, functionality and savings to access system designers.

LSP enclosures are engineered to house FlexPower boards and KISI controllers in one compact, secure system.


  • Engineered backplate pattern minimizes installation time
  • Power boards mount on snap-in stand offs
  • Access boards mount on supplied threaded metal standoffs

Mechanical renements

  • 4.5" / 6.5" enclosure depths to accommodate battery
  • 19 Gauge steel with textured black finish
  • Board mounting hardware provided
  • Lock and tamper switch standard

Reliability and Safety

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • RoHS Compliant

Agency Listings

  • UL 294 / UL 603 / UL 1076
  • ULC S318, 319
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B
  • CSA C22.2 #205

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Product Warranty

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